Wonderpod Episode 56

Here I sit with an empty page, I need words to magically appear damn it. Cursing the empty page has no effect. I may not be as strong in the force as I thought. If your still here I have an episode of Wonderpod, that much is clear. This week Pat slept through most of the episode. He is such a pro that you’ll never notice. We did keep him awake long enough to talk gaming.

Game debate: Metacritic must die?

A gamer question about Battlefield 3, which I make in to a mess.

Survivorman G has more retro goodness.

A PSA for Minecraft players.

More speculation on the end of console hardware.

Jaffe goes off on art games that aren’t games. We have an artist on the crew so this one gets good.

We ran out of show so, no what I missed. Maybe next week.

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One Response to “Wonderpod Episode 56”

  1. G says:

    Ha ha… until Glacer pointed it out, I was literally saying out loud, it was Lizzie! That was the naked female character!! RARR!! Ha ha! Barkley fought a Godzilla once, as he's noted a couple times.

    I liked the conversation on art, even though it put Pat to sleep… probably all the green beer? Actually, my thoughts are pretty similar. However, it does ask the open-ended, and kind of impossible to answer, question: At what time do video games qualify as art? What is the indicator? Who decides? While I agree that this is clearly subjective and it's a very young medium, I still have to point that there is no qualifying time line necessary in my opinion. I will not attach "good" or "bad" to art here, either.

    Glacer's point on things working in tandem to become a singular piece of work is a good one. On the same token, there are elements that can be broken down within games that are clearly inarguably art. For example, if music is considered art (duh…), then how cannot the themes to iconic games like Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda not be classified as such? These songs are iconic, well known, and beloved well beyond the realm of gamers. Therefore, they must be art in some form, without even evaluating the games they come from… what a pandora's box this subject is…