Wonderpod Video Game Podcast Highlight Reel !

What is going on people? I hope your enjoying your weekend as much as I am. While you relax on a Sunday afternoon why not check out some highlights of an older episode of our Wonderpod Video Game Podcast? You can subscribe to us on iTunes, listen on Apple T.V. or download MP3 files of the show right here at  Wonderpodonline.com! Thanks for listening and checking out the website, we do appreciate it!  if you missed our lates episode its right here at the website so give us a lsiten, will ya? Now take a little bit of time from your lazy Sunday and check out the highlight reel for Wonderpod Episode 12 where we first talked about the 3DS and also debate the casual VS hardcore gamer mess. We will see you all on the next episode of Wonderpod !

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