Wonderpod Episode 57

Thank Luigi it’s Friday. I am not a 100% sure why I care, other than I have a new Wonderpod for you. This week we found things to complain about. What you think we ever debate anything with tact and diplomacy? We didn’t forget the blurry man either.

Debate: I ask the boys what they need from a game for it to earn a sequel

Surviorman G: this week the monkeys are busting windows.

Hudson games disappear from 3DS release schedule.

We put the spotlight on a good modder. That is right they exist (Google Ben Heck)

343 industries reassure Halo fans and we make sure you know about it.

What I miss is back and filled with babes.

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3 Responses to “Wonderpod Episode 57”

  1. PatMan says:

    I hope child protective services doesn't listen to this show….haha

  2. G says:

    Partying, partying. Partying, partying. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

    Sigh. Kill me now.

    Good episode actually. Homefront is the new Jeff Hardy… If I didn't stir the pot a little, we'd have too uber-positive a show. I love when Pat begins vomiting repeatedly, to be honest with you. Hey! I watch TNA for fucks sakes. 🙂

    If that wasn't Ike in GunSage's feed, y'all need a new name for kid #2. I suggest Icarus. In part a result of being a NES fanboy.

  3. gunsage says:

    Well, the major problem is we have a babysitter on Thursdays and when we get home, usually there's a third kid. See, she also babysits for one of her best friends, which would normally be fine, but yeah, she's a screamer. :p I have gotten a new headset, but I wouldn't say it's "better." It does have noise cancellation, though, so I think it'll be fine…it just seems to pick up a lot of static/white noise from what I can tell in trying to do my next S-AVGN that I try to filter out by switching to mono, removing the other track, and a bunch of other jerry rigged stuff, but…yeah, still a pain in the ass, but surely better than talking into a webcam.