Retropod – Episode 1

Welcome boys and girls and Scruffys! Do we have a treat for you today…we have a brand new podcast known as Retropod! In the pilot, we discuss various topics such as…

– What is retro?

– Retardedly hard games!

– Bad remakes!

– Brawlers!

– How the FUCK do speed runners do it?

– Kefka vs. Sephiroth sans Dissidia (and I start not being able to say Kefka without an accent halfway through)!

– Trashy Final Fantasy fanfic stuffs!

– Twilight vs. Castlevania!

– Is Alucard sexy?

– My Final Fantasy 7 story!

Hobo Quest!

Black Toad…and why he’ll probably never be making a comeback!


Games Mentioned…

Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES
Adventures of Bayou Billy
Back to the Future – Part 2&3
Castlevania Series
Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger
Double Dragon
Fallout 3
Final Fantasy Series
Final Fight
Ghosts n Goblins
Goldeneye 007
Grand Theft Auto Series
Kingdom Hearts Series
Lunar Series
Mario Series
Megaman Series
Persona Series
River City Ransom
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Snake, Rattle, and Roll
Super Meat Boy
Tempura of the Dead
Wild Arms Series
Xenosaga Series
Zelda Series

By the way, kudos to anyone who knows what game the intro/outro music is from!

Retropod – Episode 1

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13 Responses to “Retropod – Episode 1”

  1. PatMan says:

    Great stuff guys! I hope we get the mp3 up soon so I can give it a full listen at work !

  2. G says:

    I am downloading to my g-Pod. Like the mighty PatMan, will be checking the "O.R." (you like it so far?) at work or while driving…. and if I crash and die while listening, I'll make sure to come back and haunt you to tell you what I thought. Even though ghost's opinions are generally irrelavant… their job is to kill the yellow circle bastard before he does hard drugs and tries to eat them.

  3. gunsage says:

    I'm surprised no one's tried to guess the intro/outro yet. I know Bruce will know what it is right away and that should be a big hint to anyone who listens to Wonderpod regularly. 😉

  4. It definitely sounds like I should know what it is.

  5. gunsage says:

    Well, it's on the NES…and it's a shooter. Those are the only hints I'm giving for now.

  6. PatMan says:

    Bionic commando?

    Anyways, good job guys! Its a very solid first episode, so will you guys be making more of these? will it be a regular thing? i hope so, and if you need more voices I am sure some of the rest of the WPO crew can pop in now and again when you need us !

  7. gunsage says:

    It's not Bionic Commando, but you're VERY close. It's actually an overhead shooter. So far, I think we're good with two, but more than likely we'll invite more people over time. I wanted to do an every month thing as it took me so long to record, but I'm thinking we can do it more often than that.

  8. Xeyla says:

    Intro is from MegaMan! I loved playing that game.

  9. gunsage says:

    Nope! Not Megaman, though I did consider using Megaman 3 since SRD talked it up quite a bit. I'll give two more hints. One, it's not one of the games we discussed. Two, it is from Capcom, yet another reason I said everyone's so close.

  10. G says:

    Well I have no clue what the song at the start is, but I will guess Commando. I went through a list of games Capcom released, and I know I played what ever the song is from a lot….

    The podcast came out pretty good, I got a chance to listen through the other day. I liked the Final Fantasy banter even though I never played through the later titles.

  11. gunsage says:

    Not Commando! I'll give another hint. So far, we know the game…

    – Was on the NES.

    – Is an overhead, vertical scrolling shooter.

    – Was made by Capcom.

    – Was not included in the list of things we talked about.

    So here's the new hint: it has planes in it. That should be enough to figure it out. Also, I think this will be something fun to do every time. 😀

  12. G says:


  13. gunsage says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand kudos to G! It is 1943. The intro is from the very first stage and the outro is from one of the stages where you zoom in further to fight various battleships. Very good stuff. 😀