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Hi I am Ted Totaled and I am here to talk to you about used socks. That’s right I use to be broke and without a clue, until I stumbled on to this lucrative business. Basically what you do is come into one of my stores with your old worn out socks and will give you a brand new pair at a discount. We then lovingly refurbish your old sock to re-sell at a later date. Now some of my detractors have accused us of using refurbished socks as the news socks, but that is simply not true. We here at Totaled socks give you are word that every sock you purchase here marked as new is new. So come see us today, this week trade in three pairs of old socks and get one new one free.

Gentle readers that paragraph is what you get when your brain has been over used and assaulted with stupidity for far to long. In this case it isn’t even my own stupidity. My work seems to have two periods every year were it is non stop and if you slip for a second your screwed. Please don’t misunderstand me, I understood this fact when I first started doing the job. I am just at the point now were I would rather the insanity is spread a little more over the year and not two large chunks. Like anyone of you gives a shit and really you shouldn’t. I just want to be writing again and needed that off my damn chest.

So in the last couple weeks I have learned something. Basically I don’t know jack shit about sports. See when I was a kid sports involved the following. Two teams met and may the best team win. There was no bitching about who was on either team or where either team came from. Apparently that is the last thing anyone cares about these days. It appears that to be a “good” team you need to have the following attributes. Be from the East Coast or occasionally the South. Play in a certain set of conferences (in college) and finally you had better have at least two players the entire country is aware of (stars). I am a little slow, so this really didn’t hit home until the Final four had VCU and Butler involved. The carping and stupidity from sports media and “fans” started to finally sink in. Then the Major League Baseball season opened for business.

After the first weekend of the season I flipped on ESPN radio during my work day. I heard all day how horrible the Red Sox start was. I mean hey they threw in some news and stories about New York, Texas and Philly. So they did talk about other teams. As the week went on it was more and more about these 4 teams and maybe one or two others. You know what all of them have in common? None of them won the fucking world championship last year. Mean while here on the west coast the Giants were stinking up the joint down in L.A. I never heard about that except in my local paper. Gee could it be the fact that they weren’t the fucking Sox or Yankees. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have the lights out pitching rotation of the Phillys. Never mind the fact that the Giants tore that staff a new one last year, including Lee twice. If you can’t tell I am sick to death of this notion of what a good sports team is. To me it is and always will be the team that wins no matter what. It was a huge reason I was so damn happy The Giants won last year. They were a bloody team. A group of guys who played together and still managed to win without stars.

So to ESPN, Yahoo and take your stars and your East coast crap and shove it up your fucking ass. I am personally routing for Toronto, S.F, Milwaukee and Texas making it to the league championship’s. Just to hear the sweet sound of Colin Cowherd choking on his own saliva come fall. Oh and so there is no confusion I really don’t hate any of the teams I mentioned above. My beef is more with the media and idiot fans. I am hoping that is obvious, but in case it isn’t.


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