UFC 129 Preview

I’m really looking forward to this card. The only thing is how do I convince my wife to let me have the UFC party with friends. There are 2 fights here that are must-see, and a fighter who is must-see.

Welterweight Championship bout: Georges St-Pierre (21-2) (c) vs.  Jake Shields (26-4-1)

I don’t know how this fight could get any bigger. You’ve got GS-freakin’-P, one of the most recognizable faces in MMA history, the soft-spoken French Canadian taking on Californian Jake Shields, the biggest coup from the world of Strikeforce (that is, until UFC bought Strikeforce). Neither fighter has lost since ’07 (GSP to Matt Serra). Shields hasn’t lost since ’04. I don’t think GSP’s run is over yet. I think somebody will end his reign, but I don’t see Shields being the one to do it.

Winner: GSP

Featherweight Championship bout: José Aldo (18-1) (c) vs. Mark Hominick (20-8)

Aldo will win. No contest. While Hominick has racked up a nice 5-win fight streak, Aldo has no equal in his division.

Winner: Aldo

Light Heavyweight bout: Vladimir Matyushenko (25-5) vs. Jason Brilz (18-3-1)

Well, I didn’t realize this, but I saw both of these guys live at UFC 103. Brilz fought one of the most-booed fights I’ve ever seen live, and I don’t remember Vlad’s. He beat a guy from Croatia who had a trainer that looked like my grandfather. (You’re welcome for my scientific approach.) Matyushenko is 4 for his last 5. Brilz is 3 for his last 5. But I remember watching the Little Nog fight. The only 2 people who believed Little Nog won that were the two deciding judges. That was Brilz’ last fight too. Something tells me he’s going to be hungrier. I’m going with Brilz for a submission victory.

Winner: Brilz

Light Heavyweight bout: Randy Couture (19-10) vs. Lyoto Machida (16-2)

I can’t comment on this fight. I just want to thank Randy Couture for his many years of fights and what he has meant to the industry.

Lightweight bout: Mark Bocek (9-3) vs. Ben Henderson (12-2)

Both are 4 out of their last 5, with Bocek winning one most recently. Henderson has more experience, plus a greater variety of victories. Both of these guys seem to favor submissions so it most likely will be a ground battle. I see Henderson walking away with this one.

Winner: Henderson

Upset watch: Shields. This could be a night he walks away the victor.

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One Response to “UFC 129 Preview”

  1. _G_ says:

    I am going to try and catch the GSP/Shields match if I can. Im looking forward to it, and generally try to follow George's bouts. Also, I kind of am interested how the Toronto crowd will come across live. It should be quite the event. Although it doesn't seem that the UFC is hyping the Couture match as his last as well as they could… I am a casual viewer, and haven't seen or heard anything on Spike or other sports outlets talking about this. If it wasn't the fact that I was a wrestling nerd, I might have not heard about this (other than in this article) otherwise. Maybe the UFC will go into high gear this week selling that fact, and draw in more old school and casual viewers?