Retropod – Episode 2

Hold onto your shit, it’s another episode of Retropod! …You didn’t hold on very hard, did you? Well that’s okay…I guess I’ll just hold my nose while I write the rest of this. Anyway! Click onward for awesome awesomeness!

Cliff Notes

Should we have theme songs? The horror!

News flash! Earthbound is weird!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mega Flashback!!

April O’Neil – excellent supporting character or stictly wank material?

TMNT – Old vs. new!

He-man and She-ra!

April O’Neil – ninja Indiana Jones?

The importance of supporting cast and the unfortunate alienation of certain ones!

Shredder has a daughter?!

Why you no love Baxter?!

TMNT Comics!

Brawler of the Year honorable mention!

Final Fantasy numbering confusion!

Dragon Warrior LAWLZ!

Final Fantasy 5 – Super Shemale Transexual Fantasy!

Nintendo Ultra 64!

Power Glove!!

AVGN hate!

The Wizard!

Light guns explained! Sort of!

Nintendo’s Seal of Quality…a farce?

80’s videogame crash!

Wiiware – the new Atari?

Epic burn on modern games!

Nintendo – the original videogame mafia!

Capcom and Konami give some lovin’ to the Genesis!

Fuck Symphony of the Night! Give me Castlevania Bloodlines and 4 anyday!

Videogame timeline confusion!

Wonderpod gets some love!

Ultimate Mario Kart gets a plug!

Zelda Inception – we need to nerd deeper!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Mario Harder!

Breakdancer Man G throws us a question!

Little Nemo Mega Breakdown!

Coming to America reference FTW!

Virtual Reality – where the hell did it go?

We are…we are VR…VR Troopers!

Captain N Mega Awesome Lookback!

Virtual Boy! Booooooo!

We kinda sorta talk about the Nintendo 3DS!

Wii Bowling! Fuck yeah!

F-Zero! Holy fucking SHIT!!


Will Sugar Ray Dodge do an official Let’s Play? Stay tuned!

Games Mentioned

Adult Atari games
3D World Runner
Castlevania Series
Contra Series
Cool Spot
Descent Series
Dragon Quest Series
F-Zero Series
Final Fantasy Series
Final Fight Series
Gears of War Series
Golden Axe Series
Kid Icarus Series
Leisure Suit Larry Series
Little Nemo
M.C. Kids
Mario Kart Series
Megaman Series
Metroid Series
Mortal Kombat Series
Mother Series
Neo Geo Games
Ninja Gaiden Series
Punchout Series
Rad Racer
Ronald McDonald in Magical World
Shin Megami Tensei Series
Spot – The Video Game
Streets of Rage Series
Super Mario Series
TMNT Series
Top Gun
Virtual Boy Games
Wii Sports
Yo, Noid!
Zelda Series

Once again, kudos to G for guessing 1943 as our intro and outro track for our last show! This time we feature an intro and outro from a fun little island hopping game, and no, it’s not Adventure Island. Guess away!

Retropod – Episode 2

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10 Responses to “Retropod – Episode 2”

  1. Pat man says:

    I will download it and give it a listen tomorrow hopefully. You guys will be up on iTunes in no time !

  2. _G_ says:

    Crap… I have to defend a title now. And have to take on all comers to be a respected champion? A fighting champion if you will. It pisses me off that I know this music but can't place it! I will be rocking the iTunes DL at work. This way I can defy the man and support the podcast even more so… But before I get a chance to listen, I am loving the logo!

  3. Gun Sage says:

    Ah, no worries. You don't have to worry about defending a title or anything, just figured it'd be something fun to throw up there. I will say this, though…if you start to get a winning streak of sorts, I will make it harder. 😛 Trust me when I say I know obscurity very, VERY well. So far I'm just doing NES stuff, but I think I might switch it up and do SNES, Genesis, and even PS1 stuff in the future.

  4. Gun Sage says:

    I don't see any guesses at the music yet, so here are a couple of minor hints:

    – It's also on the NES.
    – Your first weapon is a yoyo.

  5. _G_ says:

    Star Tropics

  6. Gun Sage says:

    Yup! And G strikes again! Time to get a little more obscure… :p

  7. Keyaan says:

    Tip top stuff. I’ll execpt more now.

  8. Gun Sage says:

    Well, I certainly look forward to more execptional stuff, asoblteuly.