L.A. Noire: Game Play Trailer

I really feel like being lazy this morning. Plus I saw this trailer a couple days back and thought why not.  Actually this trailer has made my interest in  L. A Noire increase quite a bit. First off it looks awesome, but that is not really what has me excited. I really like the concept of working your way through the L.A. PD and some how missed that bit of information before now. In fact I am thinking this game may replace Brink as my game for May.

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4 Responses to “L.A. Noire: Game Play Trailer”

  1. Gun Sage says:

    Saw this one a few months ago. I'm absolutely looking forward to this game. The only two areas I feel Rockstar MIGHT let me down here is in the driving and brawling segments. Everything else looks spot on.

    • Bruce McGee says:

      I am not sure this one has been out a few months my man. All the big blogs were running it on Friday and GameTrailers has it dated as the 21st. That said there are a few other game play trailers that were released before this. Whatever the case, I am looking forward to this for what I have seen and how much fun I had with Red Dead Redemption last year.

  2. Pat Man says:

    Looks like a much more interesting take on grand theft auto gameplay, Im actually interested in a rock star game. cold be very cool.