3DS Gets A 3D Dungeon RPG ,Beyond the Labyrinth First Screens!

Out of the blue comes the announcement of a new RPG/ Dungeon exploration game for the Nintendo 3DS, called Beyond The Labyrinth. While I am not known for enjoying RPGS, nor am I a big fan of dungeon crawlers, this is great news for all the RPG fans out there so there is bound to be many excited 3DS gamers right now.  The bad news is that its only about 65 percent complete, according to sources, but it is still good news for Nintendo 3DS gamers out there waiting for some RPG goodness to come there way.  There is little known about this title to be honest, so lets just enjoy the 2D screens and cross our eyes while standing on our heads and maybe that will gives us a 3D image out of it. The screens are right here , below.




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One Response to “3DS Gets A 3D Dungeon RPG ,Beyond the Labyrinth First Screens!”

  1. David says:

    I really amazed in any kind of 3D RPG games this game Beyond the Labyrinth, the game world is really look realistic and I'm sure that this game is good to play in Xbox or quad core PC.

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