Shovelface News (1/9/11)

I have written three introductions for this news post and hated every one of them. Starting is always the hardest part for me in doing these. I know there are things to be said that should entertain or annoy you the gentle reader. Yet kick)ing the whole mess off has always been the problem. Should I lead with a random note before slapping a more tag in your face? Perhaps I should just recite a poem involving roses that are red. Hey looks like we made it far enough in for the tag, awesome!

For that one maybe two people who have read any of my profiles scattered across the internet, you will know I come from a cattle ranching background. In fact it is at times what I do to make money. Yesterday morning I returned to that endeavor with the help of a friend of mine. We are taking down a section of old fence. I suppose by doing so we are letting the public have a better view of the shiny new fence behind it. Making the ranch pristine as my great uncle would say. Rough work and a nice reminder of why I would rather make money sitting here at a PC. (good luck)

I am not allowed to bring up lawsuit stories on the podcast anymore. I was threatened with death by rabid dolphins if I ever do and I am okay with that. Most gamers don’t give two shits about them anyway. They are just going to hate the big corporation involved no matter what. Remember in any situation big rich companies are evil. Yet a lot of the legal battles we discussed last year will have some impact on the games you and I play. While I don’t recommend you all become legal advocates, being well informed is always a good idea.

I don’t watch a lot of professional sports as a general rule. I watch Hockey and the playoffs in a few sports. I do read sports headlines and keep an eye on the big controversies running around. Because there is entertainment value to watching fans and sports writers lose there minds over things. Case in point the howling that went on over the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks being allowed a home game in the playoffs with an under .500 record. There was some logic to that argument I must admit and yet I couldn’t help but smile when they dispatched the defending champs yesterday at home. On any given Sunday indeed. (I know it was Saturday)

Speaking of sports I will throw in one more. In this case file it under the category old news is old. Everything that could be said about LeBron James has already been said of that we can be sure. Still I find it fascinating that he seems to embrace the villain role. Maybe he figured out how much easier it is to be a villain. As a villain you don’t have to care about anyone, just to do whats best for you and screw everybody else. Not great for marketing a guy, but far easier than feeling bad about being a selfish asshole. Just for the record I didn’t care where he took his talents last year. I do know I will be watching the NBA playoffs this year because of it. So mission accomplished right?

I am going to close this morning monstrosity by schooling the younger crowd on a band from my youth. Oingo Boingo was the brain child of one Danny Elfman and the first band to make make think horn sections are bitchin. Does Elfman’s name sound familiar? Since boingo disbanded he has gone on to score tons of movies and was the singing voice of Jack Skellington. One of my favorite animated characters ever. They are also one of the few bands whose live show was even better than the studio work. Check them out on YouTube and itunes, you won’t be disappointed.

The smiling cow is the one you should fear

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3 Responses to “Shovelface News (1/9/11)”

  1. G says:

    I know I am going to be watching some NBA playoffs, especially interested in the LeBron thing as well. I find it hilarious that him and Bosh both come across as heels considering the name of their team is the Heat. So many wrestling connections there…

  2. Bruce McGee says:

    The whole televised announcement was just stupid. He can thank his handlers for a lot of the heat he has acquired. Sadly like many pro stars he thinks they have his best interest at heart. When in reality from what I can see they only care about using him to make them money. I still think the heat will have trouble with Boston, but the playoffs will be fun to watch.

  3. Glasenator says:

    In terms of Saturday's loss: Of course a lot of people here are really upset, but whenever I hear someone complaining about who we loss to, I have to tell them that we are in no condition to be complaining about underdog teams.