Retropod – Episode 3

Hold onto your sausages and butter them buns, it’s time for another Retropod! This week we discuss Mario vs. Sonic, the new Mortal Kombat and how it relates to the original series, and various whimsy. Enjoy!

Cliff Notes

0:54 – Gun Sage has a touch of the Irish!

1:01 – Austin Powers reference FTW!

1:06 – Games we’ve been playing!

3:28 – AGTP gets a super awesome plug!

3:50 – How console RPGs used to be!

5:26 – Gun Sage gets marked down on super retro points!

6:52 – The Capcom/Gamecube fiasco explained! Sort of!

7:37 – Game Overthinker gets a plug!

7:46 – Discs?! BOOOOOOOO!!!

12:23 – Get the scoop on the first game I ever reviewed!

12:49 – Interesting Mario 3 find!

14:18 – Dun dun dun dun, dun-DUN dun dun, DUN-dun…MORTAL KOMBAAAAT!!!

17:43 – Mario vs. Sonic!

18:22 – Teenagers are fickle! Who knew?!

19:51 – Simpsons vs. Family Guy!

21:21 – The Madden curse!

22:17 – Super Monkey Ball…saving lives!!

24:25 – Sonic vs. …Sonic?

29:48 – Shadow the Hedgehog! Be afraid…be VERY afraid!!

30:17 – Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Bass and Treble!

30:38 – Megaman 8 – The game for PUSSIES!!

32:19 – Megaman 9 – The game for MASOCHISTS!!

34:46 – Capcom is not very culturally sensitive!

35:05 – Enter the Sheep Man! Eww…

36:22 – Even Kevin Bacon can’t explain to what degree this makes sense!

39:41 – How MK vs. DC Universe saved Mortal Kombat!

43:44 – SRD’s MK limit break finally runs out!

44:59 – Worse than the Gamecube controller?! The horror!

45:23 – NES Advantage! RAWK!!

45:41 – Outro, plugs, and more!

Games Mentioned

7th Saga
Adventures of Hourai High
Baten Kaitos series
Battletoads series
Castlevania series
Dark Cloud series
Dragon Quest series
Eternal Darkness
Excitebike series
Family Guy Game
Final Fantasy series
Gauntlet series
Jak & Daxter series
Jet Set Radio series
Killer 7
Killer Instinct series
Marble Madness
Mario series
Madden series
Megaman series
Mortal Kombat series
Mother series
Mystic Ark
Ninja Gaiden series
Punchout series
Resident Evil series
Skies of Arcadia Legends
Simpsons Game
Sonic series
Star Wars – Shadows of the Empire
Super Monkey Ball
TMNT Arcade
Viewtiful Joe series
Wave Race 64
Xenosaga series
Zelda series

Intro/Outro Hints

Once again, kudos to G for last week AND the week before successfully guessing our intros and outros. Last week it was indeed Startropics, an excellent little game somewhat similar to Zelda, but more tropically themed. Here are your starting clues for this week:

– The main character once again fights with a yoyo.
– If you know anything about 80s movies and music, you should be able to guess the game from the intro music alone.

That’s it for now. Start guessing!

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4 Responses to “Retropod – Episode 3”

  1. Gun Sage says:

    …I seriously said "week" in the article, didn't I? Ugh…oh well.

  2. _G_ says:

    Goonies II

  3. Gun Sage says:

    Yup, got it right AGAIN.