Dead Island: Game Play Walkthrough

I found a new trailer for the game Dead Island. I am thinking this will be far more enjoyable than my normal morning routine. Plus what I had written for this morning sucked. I am talking blows goats levels of sucked.  Okay so maybe that is a normal thing, but I saw this over at gametrailers and figured it would get raise some eyebrows. I will be interested to see what you guys think after watching this.  Most comprehensive trailer yet for the game.

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8 Responses to “Dead Island: Game Play Walkthrough”

  1. PatMan says:

    This game looks very well done and could be pretty fun. With the popularity of Zombies these days in games AND the apparent high quality of this title I can see it selling a lot of copies. Hopefully online will be smooth, so hopefully THQ has nothing to do with it hahaha. It looks like , from what I have seen so far, this game will be much more fun to play in single player mode than the L4D games were for me.

  2. BruceMcGee says:

    I am not 100% sold on it, but I am liking what I see so far. I am enjoyed the single player in L4D as if nothing else it was decent training for versus or co-op play

  3. PatMan says:

    The " side quest" seem like its going to really make the single player a more robust experience, which is cool. Hopefully MP turns out smooth.

  4. BruceMcGee says:

    Wait PatMan saying side quest will make the single player robust. Next he will be working his way through the early final fantasies loving the turn based combat. Okay smart ass aside, that part of the game does sound interesting. Maybe because it's zombies I am just overall more leery about it being a good game. MP is always a plus, but I will give up 60 dollars for a solid single player even if MP sucks.

  5. _G_ says:

    This looks REALLY nice. I like the stamina system, in principle and that you can't just hack and slash. I also dig the sidequests, weapons repair and modification systems, weather and geography flow. If the control system is not good, all I can say is what a waste. Because it looks awesome to me, overuse of zombies or not.

  6. joe says:

    that game looks awsome i want to get it so badly

  7. joe says:

    it is so cool that there is other people that r not zombies and the graphics r so cool it looks real

    wriet back plese

  8. Yes! Finally something about forum.