Sports Games or Game Sports?

Hey I am going to give this writing thing a try. Might as well kill off what little traffic we get from all the stellar game trailers. Okay so I might be joking, but in reality writing does not bring in the hits. Especially if I am the one doing the bloody writing. Well that will not stop me from battering you with my shit anyway. Plus I am sure one of the other guys will come along later and save you from the written word. Until then, skip this and go watch a bloody video.

Minecraft has become an entirely different game after playing with Glasenator. Before you can ask, that is a very good thing. In the four or five days that the WPO server was up and running I learned a lot from playing with him. Glasenator likes to explore and build different outpost’s through out the world. Plus exploring the many caverns and caves near our spawn area. If I had been playing myself I would of just built a small fort and mined down from there. Sticking close to the fort and only going out during the day. After playing multiplayer for several days I decided to start a new world in single player and see if I could do it on my own. It may sound silly, but just watching how Glasenator interacts with the minecraft world has opened up a lot of things when playing single player. Which is good, because the minecraft server is offline at the moment. I hope to bring it back by the end of the week.

Speaking of multiplayer, PatMan and I are running through a game for a two man review. If last nights antics were any indication we will be a while. I have a load of fun playing co-op modes with Pat. I am not sure we will ever be breaking world records for speed though. Still the game we are playing is good and we spend most of our time laughing and cursing each other. To me we make very good co-op partners, but not in the traditional sense. Still that is what playing video games with your buddies is all about having a good time. Plus ninja wife made some hilarious comments about fairy dust. Eventually we will have another two man review for you and it will be entertaining.

I have to laugh at the media blitz for COD MW3. What a waste of fucking money, they don’t need to advertise the game at this point. All they really need to do is throw out a half dozen trailer spaced out between reveal and release. Seriously who doesn’t know about COD at this point. This will be the eighth game in the franchise for Christ sakes. The gaming blogs are breaking down the reveal trailer frame by stinking frame. So there is no earthly reason to spend massive amounts of money on an ad campaign. They could then use that money to either lower the price of the game or stop over charging for DLC. COD isn’t the only game dropping this year that could go that route. Mind you common sense and game publishing doesn’t seem to go well together. So the massive media annoyance will go on for COD, GOW3 and BF3. I am sure the advertising companies would panic if anyone actually tried this. I guarantee you any of those games would still sell millions especially COD.

Oh lord the Miami Heat are up three games to one on the Chicago Bulls in the NBA playoffs. I can bet the Lebron haters are just beside themselves. Tortured to the point of no return at the prospect of the Heat making the finals. I didn’t like the decision, but it is very entertaining to watch irrational haters try and explain away what is happening. I can only imagine what it will be like if they win the championship this season. Even the rational people of this world didn’t expect that to happen. The irrational haters are just going to explode if it does happen year one. The good news for you haters there is still plenty of games left to play. While I don’t see Chicago crawling back in the conference finals, they still have to play the winner in the West. We shall see what happens, but the haters losing their shit has already been tons of entertainment.

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