Scruffy’s Movie Night: Playful Polar Bears

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9 Responses to “Scruffy’s Movie Night: Playful Polar Bears”

  1. _G_ says:

    Oh my lord… this is epic SRD. I know one of your favorite shows that inspired this one, but you totally made it your own! Err… Scruffy did. Brilliant work! 🙂

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! Ted Nugent is back, and he is pissed!!!! YES!

  2. PatMan says:

    Love the Scruff ! Movie night eh? I like the idea here.

  3. BruceMcGee says:

    I want a gun that never runs out of bullets or needs reloading. Nugent shoots better than those schmucks. Doesn't matter that line was still funny as hell.

  4. SRD says:

    G, I have no idea what show you might be referring to… 😛 Thanks for your comments, guys. I'm really glad you liked this. I am really proud of it and want to do more.

  5. SRD says:

    …and for the record, I am a big fan of the Nuge. 🙂

  6. PatMan says:

    The only thing missing here is the Scruff himself, ever think of an intro for this cool movie night idea, showing the blue guy himself? Anyways keep up the good work, funny stuff.

  7. SRD says:

    I thought about that, but the video was already 8 minutes long, making it the longest Scruffy vid to date. Don't worry, though, you haven't seen the end of live action Scruffy.

  8. Glasenator says:

    You should add a little silhouette of Scruffy like in Mystery Theater 3000