PatMan Plays Episode 3 – Halo Reach,Team Wonderpod style!

What is going on people?  Welcome to another episode of PatMan Plays.  This time I am  highlighting my personal game of the year, Halo Reach. Why did I pick the game as my personal game of the year, you ask? Well you haven’t down loaded our year end special then, it seems. Why don’t you download it on iTunes, subscribe like all the cool kids do these days, and see what we all thought about our favorite games of the year, 2010. I used the power of theater-mode in Halo Reach along with youtube to capture some of Team Wonderpods cool game play.  In this video witness the fun we all had playing together with our very own Bruce Mcgee and some of our great listeners of the show. Team Wonderpod always plays for fun, and there is a lot of fun to be seen here, so watch and enjoy my first ( But not last ) Halo Reach Team Wonderpod video.
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3 Responses to “PatMan Plays Episode 3 – Halo Reach,Team Wonderpod style!”

  1. Bruce McGee says:

    Awesome work, putting these together. Everyone that plays with us gets a little love. Sorry about the shotgun to the back of the skull.

  2. PatMan says:

    haha that was funny. Considering it was a zombie game type, it could have been a mercy killing?

    You missed tonight with Captain Taco himself, check out the video I recommended to you, its classic Carlos.

    • Bruce McGee says:

      I watched the video and only have one comment to make. I appreciate him going out of his way to prove my point. Wakka wakka wakka