Brad Jones talks “Hooker with a Heart of Gold”

Having run across an earlier interview for Punk globe, I was shocked to see you live out in Springfield, Illinois, being from the Moline/East Moline area of the Quad Cities myself; I have to know how it was to film out there?

Filming movies like I do is a billion times easier to do in the Midwest than it would be in the west coast. Here, you don’t have to worry about permits. It caters very nicely to guerrilla style movie making. You can also independently screen them at art theaters.

Knowing your love of exploitation movies was it important to copy that style with Hooker with a Heart of Gold? Also what movie or movies were inspirations?

 With “Hooker,” I don’t know if there really was a particular movie or movies that inspired it. With my movies of the past, I can certainly point to a specific movie or a specific style of movie and say that that directly inspired what I set out to make, but with Hooker, honestly, I came up with the idea when I was drunk. My friend Sarah loved the idea so much, so reminded me of it when I was sober, and even convinced me to make it into a movie. I also sort of worked that into the script as an inside joke, when Dr. Rogen says he came up with the idea for the Golden Heart when he was drunk. Obviously, in all of my movies, I’m very much inspired by the directors who have an ear for a great soundtrack, be it Scorsese or Tarantino, so those musical influences were definitely at work here.

What is your creative process? Do you use a strict script form or improvisational style?

Nothing was improvised. The whole movie was scripted. I’m a dialogue writer, so the first thing I write is always the dialogue. After I have all the dialogue written, I convert it into script form, check for mistakes, and go from there.

What was it like to work alongside your wife? And what was her input into the creation of her character?

 Working with Jillian is always great, she’s a natural actress. She has a lot of stage experience and absolutely loves acting. She likes to know the background of her characters, how her character would talk, and little details like that.

Your lead, Sarah Lewis seems to be giving a Golden Globe performance. How did you know she would be perfect for the role?

Instinct and experience in working with her. I wanted to give Sarah a major role for a long while. She played supporting parts in “Midnight Heat” and “Game Boys,” so I knew very well that she could act. She was the only person I had in mind for this part, both because she’s perfect for it, and she was instrumental in getting the movie made as well, having talked me into actually doing the flick, and designing the Golden Heart prop.

Seeing the responses on your site is there a plan to mass market the movie on DVD?

There will be a DVD released, mainly just for the special features. Unfortunately, the DVD version will have to be a “legal version,” which takes out the copyright material. That version is not in any way shape or form my version of the movie, and I’d discourage people from watching it; but the extra features will make it worth it. And if you want the “real version” of the movie, definitely feel free to rip it onto DVD from site, and place next to the DVD of special features.

What are your plans for Stoned Gremlins Production? Future webisode or movie plans?

I’m planning on doing another movie in a couple months. There’s a post apocalyptic flick that Ryan Mitchelle (director of “Paranoia”) are trying to get off the ground, and also a special movie project I’ll be working on for the site. Who knows what’ll come up in the future.

 check it out at:

Update: June 07, Brad and Director Ryan Mitchelle are releasing “Paranoia” with an itunes release following later.

Here’s the trailer for “Paranoia”

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