BF Basketball Pinata

Everything is going so well in the last few days here at Wonderpod Online. Time for me to come in and ruin the hot streak. How will I do that exactly? Simple by writing about things without pictures or video. That will cool the hot streak right on down as nobody likes walls of text. Well kids being the resident asshole I am about to slap up some walls for you.

First congratulation’s the Dallas Mavericks on winning the NBA championship. To Dirk, Jason, and Mark Cuban, I am really happy for you and the rest of the team. It was not easy for me to root against you. Unfortunately it was far to hard to pass up the opportunity I had, to incite the irrational, petty and bitter haters. Most of which weren’t even Cleveland fans and in fact have more in common with the man they hate then they ever want to admit. That said Lebron had better start do some soul searching himself. What I saw in these finals was a man who was to afraid to fail. It locked him up and made him freeze in place. He will never win it all until he is willing to risk failure in the pursuit of success. I don’t know if he will ever be capable of digging that deep inside himself. Time will tell that much I know for sure.

So I unearthed a copy of Viva Pinata at a yard sale last weekend. I knew nothing of the game other than it was about Pinatas. I also suspected it was for a more casual audience. I was willing to overlook that fact in the name fun. Just like Pat and Glasenator I love to have fun when playing video games. I Played the game for a few hours and its definitely fun. Although I question it being called a kids game. Your breeding things that even Darwin couldn’t dream of. If your not doing that your smacking evil pinatas with a shovel until candy comes out. Fun as hell, but I don’t see it being for kids.

Speaking of video games, sounds like the folks at EA and Dice have gotten greedy. There are going to be some fancy guns that you can get early by pre ordering Battlefield 3. As you can imagine gamers are in a uproar and threatening to boycott the game. While most boycotts fail miserably, this one may not. You see they tried a similar tactic with the first Bad Company game. The threat of a boycott stopped the plan dead in it’s tracks. So we may see similar results this time. Although I wonder if they are more willing to gamble with an established franchise like Battlefield 3. Bad Company was a new franchise with the first boycott and it may have been affected by that. With Battlefield most of the boy cotters will just go buy the game, just like they did with MW2.

Still I am not worried about these people getting a gun or two I don’t have. They did a similar thing about midway through Bad Company 2’s cycle. For 800 points or so you could buy all the guns that most gamers had to unlock. It was called the spec-op pack or something like that. I noticed it one day while downloading a map pack. At first I was a little pissed off about it. Then I played against some of the fools who bought the pack. They were not a major hindrance to normal game play. They had the guns, but were still to new at the game to use them well. I suspect the same will be true with Battlefield 3. I am not happy about the thought, but I doubt highly it will make the multi player experience horrible. EA would have been smarter to go the Bad Company 2 route if they wanted to milk money out of lazy bastards.

It never ceases to amaze me how these big publishers never know when to quit. Coming out of the E3 they had a much larger positive buzz than COD MW3 did. So much like my wall of text will drag down the momentum of WPO, this announcement will drag down the momentum of BF3. Who knows if the boycott will work or how much this will hurt BF3 overall.

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