Crytek Says Next Xbox At E3 2012, Along With Time Splitters 4 !

So, by now we have all had just abut enough E3 news for 2011. Some of you have seen enough trailers, game announcements, twitter comments and “best of moments”. Hell, I am almost fed up with pics of booth babes from E3 2011….ok…. almost I said. So what better for me to do than give you MORE E3 news, right?  Well hold on one second before you send the hate mail my way, im actually talking about E3 2012 here. Thats right, with more than enough  2011 news to talk about for the rest of the year, Eurogamer has released a very strong rumor that the next X-box will be shown off at E3 2012, just next year. According to a “very high raking Crytek employee” who ” let it slip” that they are working on TimeSplitters 4 on the next Xbox and both the game and the new system will be shown off in 2012. So, although no more than a rumor at this point, it seems very plausible considering Nintendo has shown off its new hardware, the Wii U this year.  So if true, thats possibly 2 new hardware systems coming out in the next couple years. Wow. Does the industry really need this? I love new technology and new games, but its going to be  hard on the wallet. Details are non existent at this point and the good folks at Eurogamer are calling this a rumor for good reason. But its not going to surprise anyone when e3 2012 comes around and we get to see the first details on the next X-box. Looks like Halo 4 may be the X-box 360 swan song.

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