TCR Comix: Google Plus

Lately, the Internet is all abuzz over the newest “Big Thing,” Google Plus. For the uninitiated, Google Plus is Google’s Pepsi to Facebook’s Coke.  The catch is, right now anyway, it’s pretty exclusive; you need to be invited in order to use it.  On top of all of this, for a little while, Google had to cap invites for whatever reason, so there was this air of elitism amongst Google Plus users.  Now that Invites are open again, I’m basically giving them out to anyone who asks.  In conclusion, enjoy this comic!

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3 Responses to “TCR Comix: Google Plus”

  1. _G_ says:

    The elite shall prevail…

  2. Fredrik says:

    Ok so THAT'S why i'm not there yet 😀

    • BruceMcGee says:

      I am pretty sure with enough bribery or possibly just asking one of the crew around here can arrange your entrance to Valhalla.