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I have a keyboard and the ability to type words in sentence format. Everything appears to be in place to write a nice update. Oh wait, something still seems to be missing? Oh right any motivation or feelings of creativity. While not feeling creative or any desire to write is a lame excuse. It is how I have felt in the last couple weeks. I am sure there are millions of readers out in Internet land that were so sad with my absence.

Actually my lack of output has done nothing but piss me off. Sure I have made my weekly appearance on Wonderpod, but anyone can do that job. Sit there and run your mouth in the form of a ranting asshole, pretty simple stuff. My biggest problem has always been the more stress I am under, the less creative I feel. I always marvel at guys who can still produce when the rest of their life is trying to maul them. Sadly that just doesn’t work for me and as I said, it really pisses me off. Enough whining lets move on to video games or porn or something. As you may of heard on your friendly neighborhood podcast, Glasenator and I are slightly obsessed with minecraft. For me the experience has become strikingly similar to playing World of Warcraft. That may sound strange at first, but let me flesh out how they compare a little. See once you hit the highest levels in WOW you begin to do a lot of dungeon raids and instances. These typically last a couple hours and are very intense and focused events. You gather a group together and attempt to complete a raid without killing the whole party in the process. The way we explore large caverns in minecraft is very similar. Our goal in that case is to find materials we need to work on our various building projects. Standing in your way are enemies and the very cavern itself. From long drops to bloody lava there is a lot that can kill you in these caverns. Dieing, much like a raid in WOW sends you back to your spawn only in this case you leave anything you had on you at the site of your death. That fact can make for some very tense and maddening moments. Like WOW some nights of cavern exploration go really well and others tend to suck giant donkey ass.

Speaking of minecraft I was really looking forward to the much touted adventure update. So to see the news last week that it will be shown off at PAX in playable form made me a little angry. See I follow Notch (the games head dude) on twitter and G+. So for several months he has been teasing this update and it was suppose to come with the 1.7 update. When that didn’t happen, it got pushed back to the 1.8 update. I stupidly assumed that 1.8 would be out about a month after 1.7. Now part of that was my being hopeful and partly due to Notch’s post in various places. Still I can’t help but at least be annoyed at the PAX news. In my mind that means the update is probably not going to be made public until at least mid September. For an update that was “supposed” to have been already out, it’s hard not to be upset. Good thing the multiplayer action has kept my interest in minecraft. Otherwise I may of just said screw this and moved on from the game.

I am so glad to see Google finally debut it’s answer to Facebook. While it will never convert the super hardcore Facebook fan, I am so much happier with G+ as I mentioned on the last podcast. The circles are much a better way to handle the “friends list”. That extends to posting updates as well. I can chose exactly who I want to see the silly shit I am writing and it allows me to not spam up some peoples feeds. I am seeing reports of what is to come with the next update and it all looks very promising. The picture and video upload is quite easy as well. I still have a few tricks to learn, but so far I am really impressed with everything G+ does. It also integrates nicely with all the other things I use by Google. I doubt it will make Facebook commit a Myspace, but some healthy competition for FB is a good thing. I am sure I will be asked to keep using FB in some capacity, but G+ has become one of my main social media tools and I don’t see that changing.

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