Official News Bulletin: The Glaserton-Snorigim Transcontinental Railroad has been completed.

Late this evening in the small land of Serverville a milestone has been reached in the development of our world.  The ongoing Transcontinental Railroad project has finally been completed.  The enormous project took upwards of 2 weeks to complete, which is equivalent to around 200 Minecraftonian days for you non block heads out there.  A vast pool of resources had to be used to complete the task, with minerals for the tracks coming out of the Glaserton caves, Mount Doom, Ocean Mine, and various generous donations from citizens’ personal mines.  The finished track spans the length of 2 Minecraftonian maps starting from the station in the rainy lake land of Glaserton, then crossing the Glaserton archipelago, after which it crosses Squid Ocean over a soon to be beautiful work in progress suspension bridge by our very own architect jackson12345.  The railroad then weaves it’s way past Mount Doom heading straight towards the Snow Zone and the station in the town of Snorigim.



The finished track required a mineral count of more than 200 ingots gold and more than 400 ingots of iron, and the cutting down of countless trees to complete the track’s safety fence.  The monumental project of laying the track and fencing was taken up by two Serverville Minecraftonians solely.  Thanks to the efforts of Origim and Glasenator, Serverville citizens can now travel freely and quickly between the two towns.  This quick way to travel to previously distant Sonorigm is sure to bring much commerce and tourism to the snowy quiet town.  Plans for a ice skating and hockey rink are soon to be passed by the Snorigim zoning committee.


The ceremony for the completion of the railroad was held at the marker where the two sides of the track were first joined.  Before christening the railroad, a short memorial was held in remembrance of all Minecraftonians, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, zombies, spiders, skeletons, and creepers who lost their lives in the construction of the track.  3 creepers and a spider also attended the ceremony, most likely to pay their respects.  A full documentation of the Transcontinental Railroad with videos and diagrams will be available in the next issue of Minecraft Weekly.

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5 Responses to “Official News Bulletin: The Glaserton-Snorigim Transcontinental Railroad has been completed.”

  1. PatMan says:

    In Canada they say there is one Chinese that was killed for every mile of rail road track. What is the kill / mile death ratio in your project, and did any Chinese die?

  2. Glasenator says:

    Bruce and I must have died at least 10 times collectively. I can't even fathom how many mobs we killed along the way. And we actually do have two Chinese kids on the server, but they've gone into hiding somewhere.

  3. BruceMcGee says:

    It was a long and difficult project, but this write up is a perfect description of it.

  4. Will: jackson12345 says:

    This is the journalism that makes Wonderpod the respected site we all turn too when we need the latest awesome.

    • _G_ says:

      Does that mean my inane wrestling article thingies are journalism? Shudder…. I think I need to seek employment with Rupert Murdoch, or maybe Conrad Black. Funny story, I used to play with one of Black's kids when I was like 4 living in Edmonton. There were no kids on his street, so he would come down to the poorer peoples area to play. Mother fucker had his own train set, and I mean one you could ride on. Can't make this stuff up.