Broke Ass Gamer is Back!

Nope, don’t worry.  The new Broke Ass Gamer will not be like it was two episodes before.  In all seriousness it won’t.  The only difference is that I am more broke.

Broke Ass Gamer was a series that started out based on the idea that I was, well, broke, and a gamer.  So, I couldn’t just easily go out and buy myself a new game.   I also refused to trade in my games to try to get a new game.  So the only option I had was to turn to my old games that I stockpiled up over the years.  However, playing the said older games caused me to have flashbacks of my youth, but then realized that I actually tolerated alot of crap!  Sure some of the games back in the day are still good to this day, but times have changed and so have many gamers like myself.  Not all gamers will agree with me on each game I play.  Some I absolutely cannot stand at all, and others I still want to play to this day!

The new layout of Broke Ass Gamer is a little more direct.  I pick out a game that tickles my fancy in one way or another.  I play it (duh) and then give my verdict as to whether or not the game is cheap enough (based on prices online) and whether or not the game is worthwhile of even being played. Simple eh?

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8 Responses to “Broke Ass Gamer is Back!”

  1. PatMan says:

    I cant wait for the first new episode, Alan. Thanks for bringing your series back to life, better than ever !

    I always like the show, now with N64 games? Sweet!

  2. G says:

    The editing looks great! Bring on the BAG!

  3. whatever says:

    Fuck I remember playing the shit out of Rainbow Six for the 64 and I still play Bevis and Butthead for the Genesis every so often.

  4. gunsage says:

    Very happy to see this happening. I have lots of game ideas if you need them. :p

  5. patman says:

    What a great comeback series , its a thing of legend !! = )

  6. PatMan says: