Minecraft Diary Episode 4

I hope you are all ready for the fourth episode in the minecraft diary. Our hero appears to be up shit creek without a paddle. The author is starting to feel like the narrator on the Dukes of Hazard. I hope to god at least one person finds that funny. Anyway lets see whats going to happen this time. Like I have any idea.

Day 18(continued): I made my way to the roof of the building bow in hand. My hands quivered a little as I surveyed the scene before me. I fully expected to be locked in horrible combat with the large group of spiders around the building. My reward for surviving this combat would be then dealing with the creeper men below. Instead I was treated to the most absurd sights in my memory. The spiders eight of them in all broke into one of the most marvelous bits of cabaret ever witnessed. They sang and danced, complete with top hats and canes. I am not entirely sure I even believe what I just witnessed and I know I haven’t ingested any mushrooms lately. After doing a couple lovely improve numbers the group of spiders scuttled off to what was left of the forest. Now to deal with the creeper’s. I am fortunate that I am above them and have stocked up on a massive amount of arrows. Now to peer over the very edge of the roof to get a decent shot angle.

I am alive, although just barely. In my haste to get a good shooting stance against my foes, I tripped and fell off the roof. I don’t have to remind you my diary what those blasted green men are capable of. Luckily in the melee of the triple explosion, two pigs, four sheep and I think a tree were wiped out. I was barely alive and bleeding heavily. Interestingly eating cooked pig meat seems to cure all this. When our colony is finally established and fully populated we have a ready made product. Pork that cures all manner of wounds. I could see us making doctors a thing of the past if we can produce and market the meat correctly. I must remember to experiment with other food items as I find them. So far my building has held up well. Time to create other buildings and get this colony to flourish.

Day 19,20,21: Sorry, I have been so busy building I haven’t had time to really write much down. Yet I feel it is time to make notations of several fascinating things I have discovered. First, all food seems to have the same magical healing properties that pork does. I am currently living off of fish, some mushrooms (there are beneficial kinds) and of course pork. I found some plant seeds that may be suitable for bread. Second thing that should be noted is I found a large body of water in the opposite direction of my original line of travel. It appears to be a body of fresh water and yet very large. I may attempt to build a boat and explore it in the coming days. Finally I need to record a building update. I have the original shop building, but I have added the following. A home for myself and an entrance to what I have dubbed the “mine”. I collect all manner of things from this rigid downward shaft. It is very handy to have it right inside the colony. Finally I have constructed a indoor farm building. I have planted some of the native seeds inside this structure and left the roof off for now to allow sun to filter in. Now I will work on the construction of a boat to explore the lake.

Day 23: I am very well aware that I skipped a day my friend diary. I wasn’t sure saying I am on a boat over and over would have been that insightful. I spent the entire day building this craft and now I am out in the middle of the lake. It is quite the wonderful ship, yet night is falling. I suspect I will be okay out here in the middle of the lake. Although I may have been a little unwise to bring along a paper journal. Might as well do some fishing to past the night away. Tomorrow I shall explore the far shore.

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