Halo CE Anniversary: Game Play

Let’s throw some love to all the Halo fans. I know, me of all people dishing out the halo trailers. Well I have said I will probably pick this up simply to play with the crew. So this video doesn’t really move me one way or the other being the non Halo fan.  So what do our resident fans of the franchise think after watching this?  Snagged it from gametrailers if that isn’t obvious at this point.

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One Response to “Halo CE Anniversary: Game Play”

  1. PatMan says:

    I was one of the few who actually wanted to see a sort of " mild reboot" of the original game instead of just a complete remake with nicer skins. By reboot I don't mean a big change to the story or anything dramati. Instead make some story improvements to the original game now that we have the knowledge of what happens in Reach and what happens in the later Halo games. Even if it was just mainly a few new cutscenes to add to the story and maybe a few changes to the level design, like not having to back track at the end. Instead ,we get the same AI as the game had a decade ago, the same level design that was good but now could be enhanced with a few tweaks.
    But on the bright side, there is co-op which is new to Halo 1 and also online multiplayer which was also not in the original on XBOX. All that and a 39.99 price tag is more than enough for me to buy it. Even if I think it could have been a better experience with a few story enhancements and level tweaking. Im glad they didnt go fucking ODST with full price