Impact Wrestling Review August 25, 2011

It starts with Kurt Angle calling out Crimson who is now wearing a knee brace. Angle compliments Crimson for his courage for standing up for him but then insults him. Promises to end his career. Heel turns It always make sense in TNA. 

Yeah the jobber squad oh I mean Immortal come out for the weekly promo. Bully Ray proceeds to <suck> Kurt Angle’s ego with his accomplishments. Kurt tells them no interference on the part of Immortal and especially from Jeff Jarrett. <Mexican endorses Jarrett?> And a promo backstage from Jackie, ODB and Velvet they’re working together in a match against Angelina, Winter and Madison Rayne. Do I see a swerve coming on the part of ODB? Yes I do.

Only in the Russoverse

Eric B. Hogan and Flair talk about the craziness that is the joke…er Sting. I can’t wait for Bound for Glory.

He could so sue. Why so nervous Sting

So yeah I was wrong it was Sarita and Rosita. Anywho.

five minutes later and I am still screaming what the —– It was like watching some surreal dream where everyone knew how to wrestle except the one who scored the pin. Velvet appears to be struggling to look relevant surrounded by vets and better experienced wrestlers. So instead of a double cross swerve we are treated to a face turn from Jackie and ODB, who double team suplex Angelina and drag Velvet over for the win.

nuff said

The X division. We have Kid Kash coming out to face Jesse Sorensen. In the beginning of an obvious feud. So the bad boy of the original X division is now going to be jobbing out to the varsity wrestler? We will have to wait and see. So after holding the tights of Sorensen he heelishly wins. After a wonderful heel promo we have personality. I like. By putting in Aries and Kash they have brought in wonderful talents who can work a crowd. So waiting to see these guys in a live event again.

Bound for Glory series. Love the vignettes of the house shows.  Crimson, Bully Ray Bobby Roode tied for 2nd, James Storm and Gunner round out the top four.

the Pope vs RvD, the crowd is behind Rob. Oh do I miss the days when Pope would have brought the house down. what a difference a feud makes. First Samoa now this inane drama with Devon’s family. Watching Pope get beat on is as enjoyable as watching Lavar Burton getting whipped in Roots.<its okay I’m black> And surprising like Akunta Kinta he taps out and agrees to be called Toby. Rob Van Dam beats Pope with a surfboard. RvD is now tied with Gunner for fourth. OH here comes sore loser Samoa Joe. Devon take his sweet time walking out to slowly scare away Joe. Can’t wait for the Pope vs Devon match that is so coming for Bound for Glory. <sarcasm>

Even after all he sacrificed Levar shakes his head as the Pope has set us back 400 years.

Robbie E. and Rob Terry have a promo were he asked him to be his bodyguard. Immortal backstage working out there arms and have a semi comic unscripted confrontation. Rosita and Sarita jump Love until Winter shows up and chokes out Rosita Hogan and Flair waddle out the ring.

Traci Brooks and a Eric B promo, who is trying <sarcasm> his hardest not to look down her shirt.

The two stooges come out to call out Sting. Its akin to watching Grumpy Old Men 3: The wrestling Years. Well they call out the Clown Prince  of wrestling.

Flair says tit and I think yeah, family show. So watching these men quack enough crazy to make the Robert Young Clinic call for more beds. And its official Sting vs Hogan at BFG.

If you’re over 50, yeah get a crazy gimmick. Good to Know.

Thank God A.J. Styles, I have never been so happy to see a redneck in my life. He calls out Daniels. Can we say sore loser. Can he never give up is he like the Vegeta to A.J’s Goku? Of course inquiring minds want to know. Daniels questions does he have what it takes to be in TNA? The fallen Angel is crying and the crowd boos and shouts the Brisco Brothers infamous “man-up” Pity something this audience could care less about. After Days of our Lives we now return to

yep had the same reaction when Daniels was crying.

Immortal versus Fortune….a special BFG event. No rules. Gunner, Steiner and Ray come out only to get attacked by Storm, Styles and Roode, can we say brawl. After a series of spots, Ray pins A.J Styles for the win. Bully Ray picks up 7 points.

Mr Anderson shows up in a hummer. And comes to the ring. takes out Steiner and Gunner, Ray and Abyss wonder to the back in confusion.

Mickie James is angry, and can’t get into words what the hell Russo’s booking has caused her. Because evil lesbian witches are not cool. And neither is the TV title being worn by Young who is on the hunt for D lister Scott Baio. <God> Young pins Baio after jumping from a tree for the three. Next.

Crimson vs Angle.

This match was decent, it does include Angle who could have a match with a corpse and make it believable. But just when we might have a decision Samoa Joe comes to attack Crimson after a mini beat down Crimson comes back and clears the ring of Joe, since Angle left a minute ago.

Will Tracy become the knockout Law? Will Mickie beat Winter? Will Daniels finally overcome A.J tune in next week and see. In a post match segment Joe beats and cripples Crimson.

Here is to next week in front of hopeful a live crowd.

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4 Responses to “Impact Wrestling Review August 25, 2011”

  1. _G_ says:

    Pintnoir FTW. Right to the point, and right on spot.

    Pope versus Devon is… fucked. I love both of these two guys, but you're right. Reading Rainbow. 🙁 Honest criticism here!

    I got through this episode, and honestly enjoyed some parts.

    These included:

    -Kash and Sorensen. I actually care about where this feud is going, regardless of the football gimmick.

    – Eric Young continues to deliver on a show that doesn't seem to let him wrestle. "Happy Days are over for you, punk!" Sometimes things that shouldn't work or be entertaining end up being the things that make you smile. Pintnoir, where should Eric Young go now???

    – Ric Flair saves the day, with his promos and elbow drops on invisible fallen opponents. Sting's come back to Hogan about unicorns, puppy dogs and hugs did make me laugh out loud.

    – The free backstage tour of the Universal Studios soundstage during the 6 man Bound For Failure Tournament match!

  2. pintnoir says:

    Where should Young go?Hopefully to a match against an actual opponent. Since he is television champion. I didn't have the same enthusiam as you did for his antics or the once great Flair. And knowing that for certain Hogan vs Sting at BFG is going to like watching a train wreck in the making.

    • _G_ says:

      Some things are so bad they're good. Maybe that's the draw for me? Except Hogan/Sting. That is just so bad, it's terrible.

  3. PatMan says:

    Eric Young is the " TV " champ. Thus, his going to "TV land" and looking for TV people to fight is hilarious, and yet sadly, the best part of Impact as of late. Hogan is much too injured and old to wrestle anymore, even if he is the biggest star of all time. I almost watched the entire show this week !