Wonderpod Highlight Reel – Episode 2

Welcome to another highlight reel for our podcast, Wonderpod. This is where you can get a chance to catch up on episodes you may have missed as we , hopefully, entice you to subscribe on iTunes or download the mp3 at archive.org. This time around the highlight reel is a very recent show. It was our debut episode for 2011 and, honestly, it is a big one. (Thats what SHE said)!   We announced our brand new website and also introduced a new member of the crew, Glasenator.  So sit back and watch my short highlight reel for wonderpod episode 47, then why don’t you download the full podcast in all its glory? There is a lot of fun to be heard in the full podcast that just wont fit into a youtube video.
As always, we thank you all for your support. I will see you on the next wonderpod episode this week and right back here with the next “Wonderpod highlight reel”, soon!
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