Homefront Sequel To Be Made By Crytek.

This was news that I did not expect. Apparently neither did the crew over at CVG. They are reporting that Crytek is set to make the sequel to Homefront.  Considering the first one by Kaos Studio was a bit of a disaster, this news is rather interesting.  Given how well made and received the Crysis franchise was I am sure Crytek can make an excellent game in the Homefront Universe. That said I am pretty sure given how the first one went, they are facing an uphill climb with gamers.

To give you an idea of the uphill battle they face.  I will use the WPO crew’s experience as an example. I talked Pat and G into buying the title. Which is always a risk given the it was a new IP and by a  studio that wasn’t well known.  The single player had some issues and was a little bland but decent in my view.  The multi-player was really good and had some great aspects to it. The problem was the server’s were a mess. We were lucky to even be able to play together in a lag free environment.  Each night it got more and more frustrating.  It really soured the crew to the game and I am sure they both feel like it was not the best gaming purchase they had ever made.  Which I can’t blame them, even I feel a little burned over the experience and I was prepared to gamble.

The WPO crew is just one example of gamers across the world. Some had even bigger problems than we did. So this is going to make selling a sequel a lot tougher in my mind. Still I am more than willing to see what Crytek is able to come up with.  Nutty as it sounds I liked the universe from the first one enough I will probably be willing to gamble on a sequel given the success of Crysis.  The rest of gamers however may not be as forgiving as I am.  Let me know what you think of this stunning news.


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3 Responses to “Homefront Sequel To Be Made By Crytek.”

  1. _G_ says:

    I am a little shocked that they would keep the name, and not just try to create something new…. or at least slap a different name to the title. It's not like they have lost an entire franchise due to the poor reception of the first Homefront, they just lost the name brand to a single title. It would seem wiser to detach themselves from the reputation so it does not hamper them. I realize that would be saying it's not a sequel. Why make a sequel?

    • BruceMcGee says:

      You know I thought about that very thing. They could just make Crysis 3 (probably are) or start a whole new IP. From my personal perspective I think the setting has potential to be a solid sequel if they listen to the legitimate criticism about the first ones single player campaign. Still I don't think that is the reason for doing a sequel.

      I think it all comes down to sales. They shipped over 2 million units and sold around 1.5 million according to what I could find. Now chop that down to an even 1 million since the NDP are dicks and to be conservative. To be nice lets says 500,000 of those people are willing to give a sequel a chance with a studio like Crytek behind the wheel. That number could be higher due to the fact a lot of people liked both Crysis one and two.

      So while it isn't a safe bet to make a sequel given the multiplayer issues and the luke warm reception from critics, I am betting THQ thinks it's still a safer bet than hiring Crytek to develop a new IP. Given how COD, Halo and Gears have all done and new IP's routinely get shit on whether they deserve it or not I can't say I blame them.

      As I said in the post i am okay with giving a sequel a shot. Still I would rather see new IP from Crytek that is original and not Halo smashed head on into COD. Truth is there is no telling why THQ made this call and only time will tell how it goes

  2. PatMan says:

    This is pretty good news for Homefront. The franchise has great potential. The game will look amazing on the 360 maybe even better than crysis 2 did. The only thing I fear , and its unfounded to be honest, is that the Multiplayer will end up more like Crysis 2, or should I say Halo reach and COD MW2. If they can keep the MP the same as the first one, while making everything smooth online AND have an amazing engine, it will be a success IMO.