Wonderpod Episode 82

Wonderpod is back in town kids with another new episode. The world may rejoice as Pat has returned to the fold. He was in fact kidnapped by a yeti and was forced to challenge him to a round of miniature golf. I am telling you Canada has some cool shit man. Even the wilderness comes with full amenities.

During what we have been playing I completely forgot to mention the BF3 beta. It wasn’t because the beta sucks. It’s fun and looks incredible. Just keep in mind it’s a beta from EA so except some whacky hijinks trying to get in matches. All this beta did was make me want the game more. Even though as usual I am to lazy to be super elite at it. If you play with me I will give you ammo while you kill shit.

What we have been playing became Cole train/Carmine jokes. We also came up with a few prequel ideas for the Gears franchise.

Cheap versus hard. We define the two and discuss it

Audiomaster G has a question and being a new game concept.

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One Response to “Wonderpod Episode 82”

  1. _G_ says:

    Cool that Jonkind picked up on the "Let's be Frank" comment in the question. It was very subtle, and I wasn't sure if anyone would notice! 🙂

    I liked the conversation about difficult versus cheap. I have a tough time calling Dead Island cheap, personally. Difficult? Certainly. But as noted, it is subjective and perception based.