Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 50 – 46

Hey friends, Dave Chadwick here (aka Sugar Ray Dodge.) A while back I recruited members from Wonderpod Online, along with master web cartoonist Al Creed (from TCR Comix.com) and Retro Gamer Eric Bailey (from Nintendo Legend.com) to help me put together a unique Top 50 Games of All Time List. This list is unique in the way that members were not asked what which games should be on the list, but rather what games they wanted on the list. When professional game critics put their lists together, its always the same old stuff that you would expect to be on the list, while games that people truly love get left out.  Simply put: This is a list of our favorite games. This is how this will work. Starting today (October 3rd, 2011,) five games will be posted every Monday morning, that way we have all week to debate (aka wine and complain) about them, then we can move on. For those of you who are bad at math, that means this list will run for 10 weeks, with the Top 5 being revealed on Monday, December 5th. So we’re gonna get some mileage out of this.

So let’s get this train wreck moving. This week’s games are…

50. New Super Mario Bros
49. Ultima VI – The False Prophet
48. Star Wars Battle Front 2
47. Shadow of the Colossus
46. Rock Band 3

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4 Responses to “Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 50 – 46”

  1. PatMan says:

    Good to see this getting off the ground, and with a good first segment !

    Although I did enjoy New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS, I feel the game was not as amazing nor as fun as the original 2D games that it strived to emulate. Don't get me wrong, they still had much of the fun and charm of the originals, but not exactly at the same caliber. And then, when the other " New Mario Bros" title was released , this time on the Wii ,I was less interested as it appeared to be very much the same as the previous DS " new" Mario bros game. These are very good games and by any OTHER company they would be considered amazing, but they just are not as good as the original 2D Mario titles.

  2. _G_ says:

    It's very difficult for me not to like the initial installment of the series. Especially considering two of these games (#49 and 48) involved a huge investment of my free time through my years gaming. No regrets either.

  3. SRD says:

    Yeah, this installment was All G ALL THE TIME. I really liked it.