Panel of the Dead (Repost) Part 2/3

Back at a website that is no longer with us, this series was begat. It was a discussion panel about what you might do during an outbreak of zombies. All three basic types of zombies. It’s nearing Halloween, and so, why not bring back the dead? Get your shotgun or baseball bat, you’ll need it. Here’s part 2.

The Outbreak… part 2

Welcome back zombie enthusiasts! We’ve returned, but we are not the undead. We are those who discuss the phenomenon known as the zombie. And we are about to pick up where we left off.

In case you missed the first installment of this article, you can check it out here. In order to understand the three zombie types we are discussing, you will need to check out the first installment.

Without much further ado, let’s meet our dead heads… in reverse alphabetical order because the other way is far too predictable.


Seph Belmont, Phocas, Milo, Laurie Strode, JCC, J, Gunsage, G, Biohazard, and, Anghellica.



We should all be this prepared…

Question 2: “A zombie has just entered your room where you sit reading this. You immediately clue into what is going on. However, you have mere seconds to react. What is immediately near you that can be used as a weapon against which ever of the three zombie types? (feel free to include pictures if necessary).”

Anghellica: Well 3ft away from me I have a sword so I could chop off the zombies head. I also have a ferocious 3 month old kitten that could definitely do some damage.

Milo: Thankfully, I’m paranoid. I keep a loaded shotgun next to the front door, mere feet from where I’m currently sitting. If the zombie were to enter from another room, I should have plenty of time to react.

Seph Belmont: I have two options in this scenario. First off, running is not an option, this room is cramped, and my computer is in a tight corner, there is no possible feat of agility which would allow me to completely bypass the intruder, even if it were of the slow variety.

Also I happen to own a set of three throwing knives which is kept at my desk, unfortunately I don’t think I am proficient enough to kill the zombie in one throw, which is all I could manage and the blade is far too short to get up close and personal with.

Right next to me is a sheathed sword lying against a wall, I would have enough time to at least keep the zombie at a distance and perhaps even decapitate it (I have experience with sword fighting, so it won’t be a problem). The only other feasible option is a bottle of beer I’ve yet to dispose of on my desk which would stagger the zombie enough to let me get around it and arm myself properly. I guess I really should keep the shotgun handy at all times, but I never thought of this scenario so… NYAH.

Phocas: As I write this I am being sneaky and underhanded as I am doing this on work time. Unfortunately I have to give the Campbell’s Soup version and be quick. Mr. Telus is in no rush to aid us, and the foul weather hinders.

I have two doors side by side and large windows in my office. This is a horrible situation should a horde of plodding brain-deads come shuffling in as I can only barricade the two points of immediate entry, the two windows are 20 X 60 and strengthened only by flimsy horizontal blinds. I need to get out as quick as I can.
In addition, it is a ground level office with lots of windows in a generally open area, this can only spell doom if I stick it out here any longer.

The big plus is I work in a hardware store (huge ++points)
And therefore I have a large amount of melee weapons available to me, not so much for ranged or multiple attacks. How will I fare? Let’s see!

1) Romero’s monster:
My work environs don’t make much of a safe zone from where I sit. A plus is that the response time for other zombies to join the fray is pretty good. They will take no time to smash through the doors and windows if given the chance to multiply.

Immediately I will scream loudly and then grab the bundle of hardwood across my desk. I keep in relatively okay shape, at least adrenaline will be my angel on this one. The bundle of wood is approximately 72”(6ft) and packs a mean punch if taken square in the head. I will pick up the bundle to waist height and get a three stride run and batter ram the fucker whilst keeping a safe distance from the bastard. After this I will run to the nearby corridors which have fire rated steel doors and jambs, lock them and start looking for more portable weapons.

2)RLH Zombies!

If one came through my door right now, I think I’d be fucked. Only throwing my monitor at it will help here, but given that it’s old, the cables will give me less than 18 inches of slack. I don’t think I could react quick enough to lift my desk and use it as a riot shield to stop it. I have no melee weapon at arms length other than a phone and cold coffee in a non-biodegradable Styrofoam cup.

3) drug controlled killer zombie:

I have three small (941ml) cans of white paint and some assorted samples of hardwood. As they are slow and possibly hurting from waning levels of narcotics in their system, I stand a great chance of escape. I will throw the paint at them, then hit them with either the samples of oak hardwood (maybe 16”longer, paddle style attack) or with the aforementioned bundle of hardwood.

Laurie Strode: I don’t think it makes a difference what kind of zombie it is, because this is a suprise attack. Considering at the moment my daughter is sitting next to me, I would probably chuck my laptop, grab her and dash, throwing other things as I ran away to try to get away.

JCC: I’d start by breaking off my drumsticks to give them sharp ends, and using the “stake through the heart and head” technique. This would work fine against the Romero and voodoo zombie types, though I don’t think I’d risk it against the fast zombies, since getting their blood on me would result in my own infection. I have a few TV tables in this room as well, so weilding them like a folding chair, I’d use them against the fast zombies to inflict blunt trauma and try to drive them back so I could make my escape into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, I have tons of knives that I could throw from a distance, as well as a viable exit out of the house altogether and to a vehicle if necessary.

J: Jeez. I’m kinda screwed. I don’t really have a a suitable weapon around and although I have a bathroom with a door I can lock(and I window I can exit from), I’m probably going to have to get out through the zombie.
I’m going to use this for all three. I’m going to take the comforter off the bed and throw it over the zombie. This should afford me the few seconds to brush past the zombie and out the door. I’ll shut and lock the door on my way out, to buy me some more time.

Once out, I’ll quickly gather up my car gears, a bag, some clothes, hopefully my wife and dog, and whatever dry/canned food I can find. I usually have jugs of water around, so I’ll get that too. Then we’ll go out the backdoor, collect my shovel(the only effective weapon I have) and we’ll move on to the next stage of survival.

Gunsage: Spray bottle with a fan on it. I would have to fill it with acid.

G: The Romero and Voodoo Zombie: Well, I don’t have too many things that are near me that are that significant for causing damage. As long as I can react in time to what is actually happening, I have one of these Desktop Mic Stands:


The thing weighs about ten pounds at least. And is completely made of solid metal. Holding it by the neck of the stand, that black metal portion is pretty deadly and would serve me well for some head bashing action. Not only could it crack open a zombie’s skull, it literally could go right into the brain with one hard shot.
The Fast Zombie: I have to isolate this zombie variant as a result of its speed. Considering how quick it is, and accordingly I’d have to be in order to comprehend the situation and act, I doubt I could even get the microphone stand in time. I’ve got about two and a half metres from my vantage point to where I would first see this creature, and let’s face it, these buggers will just launch themselves at you. If I’m lucky, I can grab my mastercraft phillips no. 1 screwdriver that is right in front of me at this moment. I’d likely have to use my other arm to fend off the thing (place hand around the creature’s throat to prevent getting bitten) and jab that fucker right in the eye. Likely, however, I’m getting killed here folks!

Biohazard: I sit, blankly staring at the screen, trying to answer questions about zombies. I’ve had more caffeine than my body could handle and I’m beginning to crash from it. I tiredly blink at the screen, my fingers slowly moving across the keys. Hardly paying attention to what I’m typing, I see something move outside out of the corner of my eye. In the kitchen, the dogs are barking. I yell at them to shut up as the thing in the yard moves again, now heading towards the house. I look out the window, wondering if the mail’s come yet. What I see causes me to sit up straight, my eyes going wide. In the front yard, coming up the steps to the house, is a man with dirty blond hair, his blue eyes staring blankly forward. His neck is a bloody mess, and it looks as if he had been mauled by some large animal. I jump up and close the computer, trying to figure out what I should do. The man is at the door now, mindlessly smashing against it. Not realizing a door opens when you turn the knob.
I look around, looking for something to use in self defense. I grab a black rod that’s sitting against the wall, some forgotten part of a bike adapter. The man is continuing to smash against the door, blood smearing across the window. I pull the door open and side step as he stumbles forward, falling to his knees with a grunt. It’s then that the smell hits me. It smells like rotting meat, I nearly gag, taking a step back before bringing the bike adapter down on his skull with a dull crack. His skull caves in and he falls forward.
I sigh and sit back down. Now I have something to write about…



Question 3:“Does your home favor or disfavor survival in an initial attack by any type of zombie discussed? Why or why not?”

Phocas: While my work environment is great for inventory, it’s weak on initial defense; My house is a bi-level and therefore these things need to be considered:
One level up, one level down.
A front door that leads to one set of stairs up, one down.
Two windows for lower level that would be easy to enter given their size. Above, one large, hard to reach picture window that is weak and easy to penetrate with a bedroom window that is probably out of reach. This is the front of the house.
The back has secure ground level security block windows, whilst upstairs is probably easy to penetrate, but once again, hard to reach without a large ladder or the dead body ramp up technique favoured by:
Romero’s monster: Their strategy usually involves relentless pressure, endless wave after wave of force being applied every 5 to 6 seconds. My door will eventually give in, as will the goddamned side lite beside the door. I need to secure the basement better, thanks for reminding me.

RLH Zombie:
There are usually only a few of these creatures pounding at the weaker points, while others soldier on looking for entry points, these shit heads will find a way in like savage, frenzied ants. My fence is very weak, my gate penetrable, my garage…so close! Lockable with barred windows and lots of tools and a backgammon case with my weed in it.

Slave Zombie: I have a no oxycontin”sign on my window. That should be sufficient defence.

J: Hah. No. I live in the bottom level condo of a two story unit. It has thin walls and really doesn’t make feel like it’s a decent place to hide out. The only good thing is that less than a block away is a National Guard surplus thingy.j

Gunsage: Well, it’s pretty small (less than 1000 sq. ft.). As a result, it may be easier to fortify. Not many windows, really only two entrances. Plus, with the back entrance, it would be possible to arrange an exit plan in the worst case scenario. Might work.

G: Absolutely. I live on the third (and top) floor in a single bedroom apartment complex. While escape would proove more challenging, in lieu of a zombie apocalypse onset, it would suffice nicely for all three zombie types. There is no dangling undead from the top floor getting into here.
There is one door into my dwelling and with a narrow hallway corridor of about two metres. Various heavy items in my place, such as a couch, cabinets, and whatnot could easily provide weight and obstruction to this entrance. It would take quite a bit of effort to get through this barracade.
My main concern would be that of the one other access point. My balcony is a shared divided one. There is approximately two feet where there is no brick wall separating my neighbor and my own balconies. Setting up a barracade here would be a little bit trickier than my front door. However, I have a long wide wooden table “conviniently” already on the balcony outside. With this placed in erect position, and then secured using heavy objects, It could serve as a fairly secure barracade as well. If positioned without nails or anything similar, it could be removed for step 2. Retaking my neighbor’s apartment and securing it as well. With that in place… I’m safe… for now.

Laurie Strode: No, my house has no basement, we have no place to really go if a zombie were to attack. Its a small home, and the probabilty that a zombie would get me is rather high.

JCC: Disfavor against all types, unfortunately. Big window at the front of the house which is easily breakable by any sort of zombie. Then once they have their opening into the house, they could pretty much swarm in with impunity. The one good thing is that its a ranch, so I could exit out a window just as they could enter through one without having to worry about injuring myself during the drop to the ground outside.

Biohazard: Oh, we totally do. There’s a katana and several guns in the house, as well as a few guitars I would totally use as a weapon if I couldn’t find anything else.
Besides, if we can survive, there might be other semi-prepared people who survived elsewhere.

Anghellica: I personally think my place would be very safe. On 3 sides of my yard is a tall stone wall and in the front is a gate. The door to my house is made out metal, one window has bars on it and the other is so small no zombie could fit through it and the zombies would have to get through 2 doors just to get to me. The only thing I don’t have are the weapons.

Milo: I live in a fairly sparsely populated area. Not too many neighbors close by, maybe a dozen or so. I think geographical location alone gives me a slight advantage over an urban environment.

Seph Belmont: aYes, and no. My abode is small, with very few points of entry. One metal door acts as the only legit entry, as well as a door separating the kitchen and the bedroom. The biggest window isn’t really so much a window, as it is a small slot of stained glass put as a buffer between the huge bolted in wall unit AC. The only other window is a security pane high up on the structure, where only the tiniest framed zombie could fit, and agile at that, and even then most undead would not notice it or injure themselves attempting to penetrate it. The yard is also quite defendable, as it is surrounded by walls rather than simple chain link fences, some being double fenced. There is no weakness in the structural integrity of the entire setup.

Basically the only thing we can’t stop is a huge group of zombies all entering one way, Left 4 Dead style. At that point it’s a matter of numbers, not cover. That is why it’s yes and no. It’s a perfect spot to defend. Unfortunately the limited space and storage make it only capable of supporting 2 to 3 survivors max. It’d be a tough decision to either hold down the fort, or find a more feasible defense point elsewhere.



Question 4: “What is the worst possible place you frequently find yourself, other than your home, when the apocalypse goes down?”

J: Probably work. I work in a secured building with keycard access and it’s own kitchen. Problem is that it’s probably too easy to force your way in(glass windows all over) and once the zombies are inside, it’s a deathrap.

Biohazard: School. Nothing is less undead-proof than my school. Not only is it very open, there are big glass windows everywhere. The only place that might be safe would be the woodshop and choir room because they’re in a downstairs area with few windows and some junk that could be used to barricade doors. The only thing that could really even be used as a weapon at school might be fire extinguishers, and even those might be useless.

Anghellica: Well I walk everywhere I go so I would be fucked if I was just walking down a street and zombies came at me.

Milo: Worst case scenario, I would be at work in Houston, population 5.9 million. At that point, it would be a toss up on what would kill me first; the zombies, or millions of survivors trying to escape at any cost.

Gunsage: Public restroom. Sure, it’s already dirty and would be easy to kill zombies there, but I wouldn’t want to be wrapped up taking a Taco Bell shit when zombies suddenly start getting the munchies.

G: I think about this all the time. When I move to a new place, I consider this an aspect of my decision making, for example…
My day job is transient, and therefore it can be the safest or least safest building to be at as a result. Some of these buildings are built like prisons… while others are the open-design concept, and as a result are just walls of glass and the lack of many walls… and huge at that.
My night job is in the pizza delivery racket. The location I am at is a mixed blessing. While it is very open with glass windows all over the dining room, my strategy relies on the dish pit. There is a rope to pull down a collapsing ladder to the attic of the restaraunt. It’s the only way up, and the rope can be retracted… provided I can get to it in time. With fast zombies, I’d say I am rather fucked. With the other two types, I am confident I could get there. However, once upstairs, I may be trapped unless I can get through the metal roof. Not normally carrying metal cutting tools, I believe my temporary sanctuary would inevitably be my coffin.
Furthermore, if I am on a delivery, who knows where I’d be? And what is going on during the onset of the apocalypse at my required destination? No clue…. In this situation, I can only hope I become aware of the apocalypse to or from the delivery destination so that I am safely in my car that has a handily placed crowbar in it. Preferably en route to the address so that I also have food of some kind inside my vehicle. Also, hopefully I wasn’t stingy on filling the gas tank that shift. But unless all these factors are in place simultaneusly, my night job would be a possible death sentence.

Seph Belmont: Coral Way, the long spanning road near my home is known for it’s sporadic majority of residential zones, while it does have commercial sectors, if you go the wrong way, you could end up in residential hell. Houses as far as the eye can see and roads with little to no cover, and nothing to offer. It also doesn’t help that many avenues have dead ends clearly marked with the eponymous sign “No Outlet.” Being stuck there would be rather perilous and the only possible survival tactic would be to break into houses along the way and try to find any ammo, medical supplies, and food/water. At least, that’s what I would do in that situation, regardless of any survivors holding up within it.

Phocas: 1) Romero’s monster: A shopping mall or McDonald’s
2) RLH Zombie : Fish Creek Park – a large basin style natural urban park space – only glacial fed waters will help me here, and there are no boats! Fuck you Begbie! Don’t leave me!
3) Teenager: Movie theatre on premier day, although I generally avoid these for this very reason.

Laurie Strode: Starbucks, that is a lot of glass and a lot of screaming people. No. Thank. You.

JCC: Work would be pretty awful. I’m on the second floor, and it’s a HIGH second floor. I’m also not near any windows, even if it would be feasible to drop down out of one, and there are only a couple of flights of stairs that I could get down and out if zombies showed up. If the few flights of stairs were blocked off by zombies that had yet to make their way up, I’d be pretty much fucked out of an escape route, and would be forced into a “fight to the death” situation, in which I’d be severely outnumbered.


Unless you are as bad ass as Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland, you better think about picking something a little more realistic to attain.

Question 5: “Let’s assume you become aware of the situation at hand in a place where you have only moments to contemplate. Other than simple surivival needs like weapons, water, or food, what is your first priority to achieve to preserve your existence?”

JCC: Coldness toward the zombies, regardless of who they were pre-zombiehood. I think that would be the hardest thing, to attack and “kill” something that was once someone I knew, and possibly even cared about when they were alive. Hopefully for my sake it would only take the split second to realize what was going on, and the fact that these people were pretty much already dead anyway. But I do think that once it came down to the option of taking them out or becoming dead and eventually a zombie myself, I’d pretty much be at least ABLE to do it, even if it was rather distasteful.

J: Probably supplies and communications. To me, the only viable, long term survival plan for myself is to get the mountains(Smokey). In order to survive up there, I’ll need tools that I don’t have; cutting tools and rope.
So my first stop is the National Guard surplus. There are a handfull of armoured transport vehicles there. I’ll have to waste time looking for keys(I’m not talented enough to hotwire), but I’ll try to get a decent one that won’t use up too much gas. I’ll hit the tractor supply store next and get everything else I need.
As far as communications, I’m a softie. I want my family to be safe. So assuming the cell lines are open, I’ll call them with my plan…hoping that they’ll go along and meet me. I won’t go after them.

Gunsage: Take a shitload of viagra, raid the supermarket, cum in all the boxes of douche. Wait.

Milo: I’d try to get as many people together as possible, strength in numbers and all that. I like my odds better with 5 or 6 people around me, even if we were fighting hand to hand. At the very least, they’d keep the horde busy while I made my escape.

Seph Belmont: Determining if there is a mode of escape, where to find a haven and to battle our way there if need be. If there is no method for evacuating and we’re stranded, gather up all willing and trusting survivors and find a defense point to set up a base of operations, organize strategies to collect food, medicine, and other provisions to store at the base, and keep the zombie population to a minimum. Attempt to discover some sort of counteraction to infection, keep the rates low, attempt to push the hordes back, and rescue as many survivors as possible, making use of them when possible. So basically, in the worst case scenario, I would attempt to erect some sort of settlement in order to live through the apocalypse, rather than foolhardily surviving on my own.

Biohazard: Locate a group of skilled individuals and get to my friend’s house as quickly as possible. It would be ideal to gather together at least one person with medical knowledge, two people with real combat skills, and one person with agricultural and architectural skills. After that, we’d need to head to my friend’s house that’s conveniently located in the forest (away from town, where most zombies will be), and is loaded up with weapons.

Anghellica: I would get the fuck out of the city and go to a place where there aren’t a lot of people.

Phocas: 1) Get the Wife & Kids.
2) See above, and see me smashing into a Canadian tire with a stolen truck
3) Find out what they are hooked on, and get a better variation to start my own zombie posse

Laurie Strode: I have one of two options, I will either go ahead and fold and become one. Or go super fucking apeshit and start killing things left and right.

G: I spent alot of time thinking about this answer… It’s not an easy one, really. In a true apocalyptic situation, one will have to forego many of the luxeries and privelleges we currently enjoy. And the idea of existence is not simply physical needs, but also mental needs. Thus my answer will not be family or friends… rather my cell phone. My thinking is this… Since we are talking about the outbreak, hence day one, electricity and cell service should still be intact. With the phone, I can try to contact and warn people. I have a list of people in Calgary who would be my number one priority for survival, and a number of friends who say I’m the first person they’d try to get in touch with as well. If I’m going to survive, it’s pretty likely I’m going to need some help. Why the hell would you aimlessly wander trying to find random people when you can go for those you already know, trust, and have skills you can rely on being useful?
With that being said, if I already have my cell phone on my person, then it’s my car. Simple, I have to go get the people on my list. It’s a decent sized four door 2010 Corolla. Yes, I’ve had the sticky accelarator pedal fixed too. That makes it reliable and good on gas.
If I somehow find myself in my car, with my phone, I’m going for gasoline while I still can. And fuck no, I’m not even going to try and pay for it inside. Pay at the pumps, baby, if at all possible.


Looks like dear old Dad has turned… lock him in the shed or shoot him in the head?

Question 6: “Each zombie type is distinguished by a variety of differing characteristics. One key issue is whether the zombie in question can be cured. What is your personal policy on saving the infected, especially in regards to family and friends?”

Milo: With the possible exception of the Voodoo zombie, I personally doubt a cure or some type of reversal is possible. And even if it were, what type of psychological ramifications would the former infected experience?

Author Kim Paffenroth touched on this in his novel Dying To Live: Life Sentence, where some of the zombies started to remember their former lives, and what they’d done since the change.

Personally, even if some sort of cure were possible, I wouldn’t risk it.

Anghellica: I don’t think there could be a cure cause that virus would spread so quickly there wouldn’t be enough time to find a cure and mass produce it. As far as friends and family go, the person I once knew isn’t in their body anymore so I wouldn’t hesitate on putting a bullet between their eyes.

Seph Belmont: Research is high on my priority list in terms of zombie attack. With a base of operations, tests can be performed, and experiments can be run on actual zombies dependent on type. I would work towards at least finding a stave off option, and at the most finding a cure. Survival of the majority is the highest priority, not everyone can be saved, but everything will be done to ensure the best decision is taken, at least on my end. If at any time a zombie can be cured no matter family or stranger, they will be cured, however if they pose an immediate threat to any still breathing survivor, and there is no other choice, they will be executed, including family and friends. After all… all the other victims in general are another survivors family and friends, so avoiding the pain just for your own benefit is purely selfish.

G: If the Fast zombie and the Voodoo zombie are indeed alive, then a cure is plausible. The Fast zombie is something that would require some kind of antivirus. Whether or not this could be created or implemented in a timely manner, is another question altogether.
As for the Voodoo zombie, I stay true to my theories on nanotechnology being the differentiator between it and the Fast zombie. Provided there is a technological link to the control of this zombie type, taking out the controlling technology is key. Or at least the people utilizing it. However, if the gadgetry located within the Voodoo zombie cannot be removed, they will be uncurable. Rather, the technology would remain in a state of idleness, potentially to be reactivated by someone else with dubious inclinations at a future date.
The Romero zombie is doomed. There is no cure for the dead, other than a bullet.
Accoringly, I would have no qualms taking down a Romero zombie regardless of who they were prior to reanimation. That person I knew is dead, and this abhoration is just another hell bent cannibal. Nothing more, nothing less. As for the other two zombie types, I would have some problems provided how aware I am of the possibility of saving them. Of course, my own survival is key. Yet, if it seems that there is no immediate rush to take out either of the Fast or Voodoo variation of zombification of a loved one or friend, I would avoid unnessary bloodshed. This could play to my favor future survival having someone close back in normal form to help erradicate the problem. If my own survival is in jeopardy, then the game changes. Eat or be eaten, after all.

Biohazard: No cure. Once the brain is messed up, there’s no way to fix it. Because all known causes of the Zombie Virus (or ZV) affect the brain, as well as mutate or destroy it, a cure is unlikely, and even if one were to be discovered, the ex-zombie would be left braindead and invalid.
Therefore, the only good cure is a bullet through the head. Mercy and sympathy will only leave you as zombie food.

Phocas: If, and only if there is a cure available, the following needs to be considered for all three types of zombie.
a) what is the supply/availability?
b) Who has the cure?
c) How must it be administered?
d) What is the turn around time/ how long till it takes affect?
Romero’s monster; if there is a good supply, the cure is easily prepared/distributed, then I’ll be okay with helping to heal. If the cure is orally ingested, then we pump up every politian/ actor/celebrity with the cure and through them to the hordes, if it is only useful in suppositories, then once again, the politians/celebrities/actors will do the yeoman’s work for us, thus truly earning the title of “Earth’s Mightiest Heros!”.

I prefer a “fogger” style of cure if possible,
If the turn around takes more than 48 hours, we had best hope it is available in fogger/aerosol form.

RLH Zombies!: I don’t want to get anywhere near these fuckers! Maybe we can mix the antidote with shards of glass and stuff them into pipe bombs and let the scars remind us of what could have been. The cure must be instant or bloop-bloop, I’m shooting the fuckers down. If they are my kids or a select number of friends, then I’ll trap them in a cage or something and wait it out, even if it means getting afflicted for a bit.

Enslaved narco dependant teenaged Network TV enthusiasts:

No cure. They fell under the influences of some Sven Gali and therefore have little chance to reform or posses independent thought. Dip hollow point rounds into the antidote, shoot them all, and then burn the corpses.
Please enjoy responsibly.

Laurie Strode: Shoot first. Ask later.

JCC: This goes back to my answer to question 5. Basically, if I’m being attacked by multiple zombies of any type, I don’t have the time or resources to take prisoners and wait around for the opportunity to cure them. So if my options are death and zombiehood, or fighting them regardless of who they had been pre-zombie, I choose option B.

J: Like I said, I’m a softie. There’s usually no point in killing a zombie. It wastes too much energy. If my family was ‘infected’. I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to kill them. BUT, I’m going to do what I have to do to survive. I’d rather live and feel horrible about it.

Gunsage: Zombie apocalypse cometh. Quoteth the Ellis: kill all sons of bitches. Honestly? Compassion and empathy is out the fucking window. Live bitches get fucked, everyone else can eat my ass…well, not my ass; maybe my buckshot.






Last Chance to Rant


– On the same educational token of American universities and colleges, A Harvard Psychiatrist Explains Zombie Neurobiology. Well done, and worth the read.

– We should all know how to warn other survivors about the oncoming zombie apocalypse. Here’s how to reprogram road construction signs, and therefore useful information.

– The show, “The Hotbox,” delivered an interesting question: Who do you marry?.

I lied. Here’s gangrene for you.


Gunsage: I am content with what I have done and have nothing to include. Also cocks.

Yes, this is a picture of a zombie. A zombie who loves hockey.


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