Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 26 – 30

Happy Halloween friends! SRD here. And once again, I’ve rounded up all our friends from Wonderpod, TCR Comix and Nintendo Legend for another round of our Top 50 Games of All Time. Lets get right to it, shall we?

30. Mortal Kombat
29. Shadows of the Empire
28. Pitfall!
27. Elder Scrolls 4
26. Final Fantasy 6

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One Response to “Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 26 – 30”

  1. Patman says:

    The digitized characters and its ultra violence made MK a legendary game. It also made MK one of the most unique fighting games for its time. And it was that uniqueness that made it special. Also,I loved the cheesy yet somehow great first movie, however, the cheesy and NOT so great second movie was not so hot. MK was a great game that, unfortunately, in the arcades was very hard to play for long ( it ate quarters like a good arcade game should), but at home it was something special.

    Star Wars Shadows of the Empire!
    What made Shadows Of The Empire great was that it incorporated a multitude of game play types into one fun experience. Do you like 3rd person shooting, racing, jet packing, platforming, 1st person shooting, space ship combat, boss fights and more? This game had it all. Hell , you even fight the legendary Boba Fett in this title, what more could you ask for? All this ,of course, taking place in that new “full polygonal, textured 3D “, thanks to the cool new N64. … Another great thing about this title is that the story took place in between the start of The Empire Strikes Back & before Return Of The Jedi, allowing us to encounter both classic locations & characters while discovering all new ones as well.

    Yes that was taken from my PatMan plays N64 favorites haha.

    One of the best Star Wars Games.