Biff Zongo: Spank the Monkey

Fredrik: Being a father has given me a whole new appreciation for animals. I point at them in books and go “The lion says ROOAAR!! And the cat says mjau-mjau!”.
When I see a dog on the street I actually have a hard time not pointing and going “The dog says RUFF-RUFF!!” whether my son is with me or not.
Well that’s a lie, in Sweden we say VOFF-VOFF!!

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4 Responses to “Biff Zongo: Spank the Monkey”

  1. Patman says:

    I wish I worked at the Zoo.
    I would then have an excuse for always spanking the monkey….

    • Fredrik says:

      I was a stable boy when I was in the army (the Swedish army still have horses for exhibitions at the Royal castle and stuff). Man I hate taking care of animals. They shit and piss… Oh wait I'm a father now. It's like being back in the army again.

  2. _G_ says:

    It's pretty interesting with all variations of animal sounds that humans use from language to language. Most are fairly similar to each other, especially when one takes into account for accent variations.

    This one is really clever Fredrik. Kudos!