PatMan Plays : Super Mario 3D Land. First Impressions!

I don’t think there is a single Super Mario platform game that I have not played and enjoyed. However, to be honest, Super Mario 3D Land is probably my most anticipated Super Mario platform game in a long, long time. Its the first  true , “real 3DS game”, created from the ground up specifically to utilize the 3DS unique hardware. This game, people, is a showcase for what the 3DS can really do and although I am very early into the title I can safely say it is absoluelty great. This is not a review of the game, you can get my thoughts on the title when you listen to Wonderpod Video Game podcast episode 89 on iTunes or right here at the web site next week. This is  my first and very early impressions on the title that will  make many of you buy a 3DS this holiday.

Why I love being a gamer. Just about ready to play an all new Super Mario Platform game!

Graphicially the game looks great and, as expected, is the best looking Mario title on a handheld  to date. The art style is almost one part Super mario 64, another part Super Mario Galaxy and a little Super Mario Bros 3 for good measures. A casual Mario fan may say “what the hell is the difference”? Maybe they are right, or, maybe they need to go back to playing Halo where I will see them later this week, but true fans will see the differences. Everything runs smoothly and looks colourful and bright. The audio is also top notch and even surpasses Star Fox 64 3DS in term of sounds and music.
The 3D effects are what brought us to the party, and even early in, they don’t disappoint at all.  This is not the first title to have great 3D. Zelda and Star Fox have some very nice 3D effects and Zelda has a lot of very subtle 3D, much like the movie Avatar did. But there is a noticeable difference and improvement in the 3D effect when playing Super Mario 3D land. It flat out will be the reason to justify buying a 3DS for most people. I do not suffer from any eye issues, and thus can play with the 3D effect on full for long time periods, but for those that can only play for short bursts such as my wife, the ability to “tone down” the 3D in Super Mario 3D Land  seems to work better than other titles have so far. Playing it in 2D is difficult as the 3D effect is important for much of the platforming.

But officer, the game WANTS adults to be walking around giving random kids" presents"!

The game play is fun as ever and an interesting hybrid of 2D classic Mario taken form Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario 64 and even Galaxy on the Wii. I personally would have preferred a full out 3D gameplay type such as Galaxy, but it may not have been the popper way to showcase the 3DS true 3D abilities. I will say that so far the title is a little on the easy side, much like some of the last few Mario titles, so the hard core old school platformer in me is a little frustrated, but its not a walk in the park by any means and its still fun as heck to play. I just wont be dead as often I suppose.
So, PatMan’s bottom line here is, very early in, SuperMario 3D land is the best 3DS game that I have played bar none and I can not wait to get back in to it again. As a matter of fact, thats where I am going back to right now! Go buy the game.

I hope by now Mario realizes that Peach actually LIKES being kidnapped, she got a thing for hard, spikey shells.

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