Words That Need to Die

There are a lot of words used on the internet. Which makes sense as man can not live on cat pictures alone. No matter what the average reddit user might say to the contrary. Yet there are quite a few abused and misused words out there. Some of them need to die in a fire after I pour gasoline on them. I will not however cross the street to pee on them while they are burning. If you haven’t figured it out this is a list of internet terms that need to die.
Troll: This word use to mean something back in the early days of the Intertubeweb. It meant you were specifically focusing your attention on a person or group trying to infuriate and incite them. These days any time someone dares to disagree with another person the term troll starts getting thrown around. It needs to stop. Just because your oh so precious opinion is being attacked, doesn’t make the person a troll.

Bias: Here have a look at the dictionary definition of bias. None of you clowns use the word right, none of you. I include myself in that group on one or two occasions. Again using this word because your butt hurt over opinions being attacked is stupid. Stop using this word or at least understand the damn definition first.

Ballin: If I hear one more suburban white kid use this word in attempt to be more street. I will show him ballin, I will find w out here he lives and give him his first live tea bagging. After I smack him around with my penis a bit, maybe he’ll stop acting like a turd.

Fanboy: A man can dream can’t he?

Douche Bag: I am not sure when a feminine hygiene product became a derogatory term, but it’s kind of dumb. Maybe I will just start calling people Summer’s Eve and be done with it. Nobody ever called me Preparation H as in insult. Sadly I use this one more than I care to admit. Doesn’t make it right.

Tea Bagging: Ha I want one gone, I used not five seconds ago. I often wonder how many of the tools I see on XBL really like having that done to them. I suspect it’s more than you think. Try getting that image out of your head.

Patmanporno: This one doesn’t really need to go away. However it is a hilarious Google search that can help you kill a few hours. Warning its a NSFW search. (Duh)

I am sure there are some I am missing. These select few have been bugging me the most lately. Feel free to add your own in comments. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go Orc the living hell out of a hemorrhoid that has awful opinions.

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7 Responses to “Words That Need to Die”

  1. patman says:

    That is it, Im going to google PatMan porno today !

  2. Bruce McGee says:

    It has to be all one word like I have it there for maximum comedy of course.

  3. Buh says:

    Swag. I hate that word.

  4. Bruce McGee says:

    Swag is a good one. It is not one that annoys me personally, but it gets used way to much. Usually in a smug way.

  5. Fredrik says:

    I kind of like the word teabagger.
    On the other hand I'm from a crazy communist country 😉

  6. Glasenator says:

    Also don't forget: Whatever, actually, like, and literally