Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: #7 is Tetris

G: Amongst puzzle games, there is no competition for the crown. Tetris is a clear winner. Within it’s simplicity is a kind of complexity that essentially raised and set the bar. I voted for it for that said reason, and I generally don’t have the patience for this genre. This may be the one exception, as I buried hours of my life into Tetris. Another remarkable attribute of Tetris, was the appeal to the non-gamer. The simple puzzle layout was one that drew in many people I knew who normally would not partake in playing video games. As well, the simplicity in many ways is what keeps this game alive and popular to this day.

Nintendo Legend: Is it possible to create a perfect video game? As video games grow in complexity and size, it is inevitable that, if examined closely, tiny variations could be found that would, arguably, improve the game. Even if it is a subtle reshaping of a single polygon, or a single pixel changed on a surface texture, or a microsecond adjustment in the timing of a move, you could find countless flaws in any modern title. Then there is Tetris, the Russian mind control game. The Game Boy iteration made portable gaming catch on as commercial reality; and, I would even be so bold as to say, made possible the later popularity of the iPad and smartphone gaming. Yeah, I said it. Despite attempts at “improving” it in various sequels, Tetris has a distinctive harmony that should not be messed with. Enjoy the ecstasy of order.

Gun Sage: I don’t recall playing any puzzle games before Tetris. I don’t know if that’s because they didn’t exist or if it’s because they just didn’t matter. What I do know is Tetris spawned so many sequels, spin-offs, and inspired so many other types of puzzle games that it’s ridiculous. You can see elements of it in games like Lumines, Block Out, Super Puzzle Fighter, Klax, and much more. Who knew that a game that was all about sorting, strategy, patience, and mental quickness would appeal to both children and adults? In fact, who ever thought a game from Russia, especially during the time it was released, would take off in America like it did? To this day when I hear the quickened version of the Tetris music, I go into a panic. Love this game, but holy crap will it raise your blood pressure.

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  1. hotdraw says:

    I pretend I'm Russian when I play this.