McGee Rants 1 (Not Wonderpod)

This week was supposed to be the triumphant return of Wonderpod. Our recording software and Skype said nuts to that. Which means we add another lost recording to the catalog. I felt really bad about not getting a show for you guys so, I cooked up a little something. It’s not much and may be a little over done. Hopefully it will get you by until Wonderpod returns in full force next week.

Rainbow 6 love

Gunpoint: Rad little indie game that I learned about the other day.

Ranting about reviews (imagine that)    (sorry no itunes for this)

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One Response to “McGee Rants 1 (Not Wonderpod)”

  1. _G_ says:

    iTunes would have made this FAR more easy to pick up on my autodownload setup… so just getting to Angry Bruces on a late-ass night. Skype + Pamela = Weak. They remind me of EA and X-Box's servers getting together. At least we got some podcast love this week. My 5 time removed cousin theoretically says hi, I'd imagine.

    P.S. Play some BF3 again, you Skyrim addict. 🙂