PatMan Plays: Mario Kart 7. Staring PatMan’s Mii !

My favorite Mario Kart title of all time was on the Nintendo DS. It took all the fun of a console Mario Kart racer and, for the first time, actually made it possible to feel like I was playing a console Mario Kart on a hand held. Not to mention the fact that Mario Kart DS was the very first Nintendo game to go online, that in itself was epic. And now comes the highly anticipated Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. Honestly, the new Mario Kart comes very close to topping my favorite Mario Kart title, but not quite. Of course, it has superior audio and visuals, and makes very good use of the unique 3D technology while not allowing it to become distracting to your Kart driving game play needs. There are 16 all-new tracks which make use of the 2 all-new abilities your karts now have, those being the ability to drive underwater and to glide through the air. Also, 16 classic tracks  return from the past for that all important “retro kart racing” we have become accustomed to in the series. The classic tracks, however, have been updated with ways to use the new karts abilities. Online is more robust now and the the game is just as fun as ever. Mario Kart 7 is one of my favorite Mario Karts to date and to just say that is no easy task as they are all addictive and fun. And, for only 39.99 its a great value for tight budget last minute shoppers who are looking for a gift to put under the Christmas tree, for Christmas Day! Check out my “shaky cam” game play video, staring PatMan’s Mii ,directly below. Its about time PatMan’s Mii got some attention, PatMan’s  360 Avatar seems to hog all the air time in my videos!  =)

[youtube ratitynKRH4]

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