The Men In Black Are Back

I thought the original Men In Black movie was absolutely great. It was humorous, fun, and had a good fill of sci-fi action and special effects.Then came the sequel and, well, it didn’t exactly live up to the original. Sure it still had Sci-Fi moments and some humor, but it just didnt ” click” like it did in the original. So, when I heard of a MIB3 I was not exactly jumping with movie watching joy. Then I watched the new Trailer, which we can see below, and I must say that I have much more faith in MIB3 now.While it may not recapture the fun of the original, it looks to be a step above MIB2 and that’s all I need to go see it!  Let us know what  you think of the trailer?
[youtube IyaFEBI_L24]
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One Response to “The Men In Black Are Back”

  1. Fredrik says:

    Looks pretty pretty pretty good!
    Just like you i liked MIB1 but not MIB2
    But the time paradox stuff in this one looks good!