PatMan “Plays” 3DS Swapnote. Starring members of the Wpod crew!

Welcome once again to another “shaky cam” PatMan plays video. This time around I am less playing and more watching as I mess around with the latest free app for Nintendo 3DS users, Swapnote ! In the last few days I have been receiving some cool 3D messages, pictures and drawings from members of the Wpod crew, so while I sit at home recovering from the massive amount of food I have ingested during the holidays, I decided to share some of these “swapnotes” with you all. Of course, the 3D effect can not be seen without an actual 3DS. And it is the use of 3D that really makes the drawings and pictures that I have received both unique and cool. The best part of Swap notes is that its free, and as you have heard me say time and time again on Wonderpod Video game podcast,  “If its Free, its for ME” !  So, check out some of the early notes that Jonkind & Glasenator , 2 of the voices from Wonderpod video game podcast, have created will ya?  Tell us what YOU have created and sent to your friends using swapnote!

[youtube mYjjHXjJMIM]

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2 Responses to “PatMan “Plays” 3DS Swapnote. Starring members of the Wpod crew!”

  1. _G_ says:

    Damn, Glaser draws fast and well!

  2. patman says:

    He has…. FAST FINGERS!!! =-O