Wonderpod Episode 93

Friday has wandered in and with it another Wonderpod. Consider this the first regular show of the new year. Mind you there is nothing regular about the festival of merriment we are bringing. Any show you talk about food and old people has to be good. Eventually we get down to the business of video games. We all know that’s the serious part. So sit back and get naked, it’s time for the show.

Food we have been consuming.(No actual pets were harmed in the recording of this segment.)

Cross promotion is an awesome idea. Even more amazing, it’s something EA is doing

Audiomaster G wants to know our thoughts on gaming rivalries.

Time for a house party. This one is loaded with games

COD Elite is getting ready to drop a content package on your head.

Shit a grandma said.(No actual grandmas were harmed in the recording of this segment.)

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