Wonderpod Episode 94

Here I come to fall off a cliff. Oh and I got a new episode of Wonderpod here somewhere. That is what recording the show felt like last night. Like we were running along in a field full of flowers. Then boom straight off a cliff into poo. Best part, the show still turned out awesome, even after my dog ate the router. Damn you vile internet gods screwing with us the one day of the week we need constant connection.

What we have been playing turns into PS 101

SOPA/PIPA and the Pro Pirate band. This is stuff you need to know.

We found the line and it has a name.

Controller tech corner. All the things you need to know about controllers

Audiomaster G wants us to speak Chinese or possibly order him some.

Hey look someone else thinks single player games aren’t going to die.

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One Response to “Wonderpod Episode 94”

  1. patman says:

    Good show guys I have listened to most of it in small bites over the last 2 days. That AMY game is pretty bad, I played the demo and it plays like a PS1 RE game, it feels and plays like a game from 2 generations ago. Only RE was better. For the 10 bucks its offered at, however, I wouldn't give it a 1/10, I would have to give it maybe a 5/10, based on the demo. Had it been a full 60 dollars and not 10, it would have been closer to a 1, but a through back to an old school type of game play is not horrific, if its on the XBLA