G’s Almost Stampede Wrestling Classic…

Why “almost” you ask? This stems from the fact that the two involved indeed cut their teeth in the Hart Dungeon, but Stampede Wrestling was inactive at the time of this match.

On February 4th, 1994, Lionheart Chris Jericho would square off against Lance Storm in a ladder match for the Mid-Heavyweight title.

This ladder match would precede the famous Wrestle Mania X ladder match between Razor Ramon and Sean Micheals. This took place in the CMRW promotion, in Calgary. According to Lance Storm himself, was seen on television by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who was floundering with the Calgary Stampeders CFL club.

In the mean time, and in between time… That’s it! Another episode of PatMan Picks: Stampede Classics. I’m sure we’ll see PatMan return in some capacity, but he is currently training PatMan junior in the art of projectile vomit I’m told…

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2 Responses to “G’s Almost Stampede Wrestling Classic…”

  1. patman says:

    Nice Find G! I will still call these 2 Stampede Wrestlers because they were trained by the Harts, in Calgary, in the dungeon. It was just that the Stampede promotion was officially put to rest before this match.
    Also, nice mention of the Rock playing for the CFL Calgary Stampeders, an often forgotten piece of trivia!

    I shall return to the classic Stampede videos soon enough along with other PatMan picks!

    • _G_ says:

      I remember looking for this one in the summer, to no avail. It's funny enough I found it today… 18 years ago today, is when this match actually happened. Lance himself made note of the anniversary on his facebook, but of course with no links to the video itself… but he gave me enough information with keywords to finally track it down. Storm climbing a VERY broken ladder at the end of the match is impressive in itself, but this match is pretty epic as a whole.