Wonderpod Highlight Reel- Episode 3

It is Thursday. That means that as you are reading this we here around Wonderpod-online are deep into a recording of our newest podcast, Wonderpod 50. Its going to be out on the Weekend for all to download and enjoy, but for now lets go back in the Wonderpod time machine, back to one of our older shows that you may have missed. This time on the highlight reel I take you to Episode 10, thats right we made it to the double digits without having the censor board shutting us down!  We talk about Kinect and Move in this episode, call out gamer dicks and have our usual fun. It is interesting to go back and to hear our opinions on these devices, both before and also as they actually launched. Check out the youtube highlight reel and then go to  iTunes or archive.org and download the episode. Thanks for listening and showing us your support, I will see you all  back here soon for the next installment of the Wonderpod Highlight Reel!

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