New Avengers Trailer Assembles Very Well

The latest trailer for the upcoming Avengers motion picture has been released and I must admit that its looking pretty good. I was never expecting a great movie to be honest but I am liking what I see here in this new trailer.  I  think it will be a fun, action packed movie worth the hefty price of admission these days at theaters. I  like what appears to be  friction between the members of the team and I am personally hoping for Thor to kick the crap out of Captain America at least once in the movie.  There are those on youtube and twitter asking why Spiderman is not in this Avengers movie and the answer is that Spiderman did not join the original Avengers for decades, so it would be a bit strange to have him in the very first film. That and Spidey is getting his own reboot this year anyways.  So, what do you guys/gals think of the new trailer? Are you a big Avengers fan, or will this just be another popcorn flick to watch on blue ray sometime next year?



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2 Responses to “New Avengers Trailer Assembles Very Well

  1. Looks pretty awesome to me. Not sure why Black Widow is there (well, I do have a theory, but she isn't the Wasp. No Pim particules either). Hawkeye remains the coolest, and least showcased of the bunch. But I guess when you have to rely on pure skill and not scientifically modified, financially backed, mythological DNA, or any other superpower bonuses, you get the least trailer time. All those Skyrim former adventurers-turned-guards will attest to it.


  2. PatMan says:

    Never been a big Hawkeye fan. Black widow is there because she looks great in tight cloths ( FAP FAP Fap )