Minecraft Building Removal (How Not To Do It)MineMine

I had some time this morning to shoot a minecraft video. Yet I wasn’t quite ready to show you guys my all new tree house city. I had a pesky building that I didn’t want anymore. Naturally I went for the quickest, easiest way to remove it. This of course lead to going to far as it often does with me. The aftermath was not funny, but I think the video will give you a laugh. More on this city as I have time.



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2 Responses to “Minecraft Building Removal (How Not To Do It)MineMine

  1. PatMan says:

    It blew up REAL good.

    • BruceMcGee says:

      Hahahaha, yeah I intended to kind of over do it for comedic affect, but that was not what I had planned. It took out trees ten feet below and to the left of the building. I always forget that once the explosion sets off some of the TNT starts flying around.