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RPG of the Year – 2011

I was hoping this year would be a little more eventful and tough to pick a top 5, but it really isn’t. Sure, the top 5 are EXCELLENT and there are a few good runner ups, but there are also a lot of terrible MMOs and poorly thought out mobile games. There are 81 games […]

Shooting The Messenger

The time has come for yours truly to branch out a little. Wonderpod-Online was always intended to be a catch all site, on top of home to the podcast. Each member of our staff knows they are welcome to write about whatever makes them happy. I never take advantage of this fact and it annoys […]

A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…

The following is a repost of A Celebration of Professional Wrestling: Thank you!. We are about to kick things off again this year in celebration of WrestleMania 28, which occurs on April 1st, 2012… unless of course Vince McMahon is secretly planning on the biggest April Fool’s Day joke ever played on wrestling fans. This […]

Smackdown 12/30/11

Let’s just get this out of the way, if you like Randy Orton… pay high attention to his involvement on Smackdown tonight since it’s the last time you are going to see him for possibly half a year. Word on the interwebs is that he is suffering a problem with a disc in his spine, […]

PUCK YOU! Season 3, Episode 2 (Part 2)

Hello hockey fans! PUCK YOU! has returned to wrap up the second half this our second installment of the season. The only way we could be more efficient, is to pull off an “Ilya Kovalchuk” and somehow find a way to give Carolina Hurricane goalie Cam Ward a free statistical goal…

PUCK YOU! Season 3, Episode 2 (Part 1)

Hello hockey fans! PUCK YOU! has returned for another installment! We are about 1/3 of the way into the 2011 – 2012 NHL season, and it is time to address what hockey fans think about a number of issues and events that have occurred. It’s going to be controversial, as always, and as exciting as […]

Smackdown 12/23/11

Tonight is the go-home show before the holiday weekend, and probably will be left in a holding pattern. Much to my chagrin, I work late on Friday, so I was not able to catch the ROH PPV tonight. Hopefully after the craziness of the holidays dies down next week, I’ll find a way to watch […]

BWF Radio 5: BWF Awards 2011

This week on BWF Radio, the crew discuss, as best they can through minor technical issues, the best of 2011, with some surprising results. Pintnoir’s kids take over the tail end of the podcast, unintentionally, to the point where they had to be edited out. We predict tonight’s TLC Pay Per View and what we […]

Smackdown: 12/16/11.

Let me level with you, there IS a PPV this Sunday. Seriously. I know what you’re thinking, but I assure the TLC PPV is this Sunday. This might seem baffling if you have been watching WWE programming lately, because you’d think they’d make you care and want to tune in to see it. But they […]

Smackdown 12/09/11: Beat the Clock Night!

Wow, I just worked for 15 hours. So naturally, what do I want to do? Watch some Smackdown, you ask. Actually… yes. I do. See it’s “Beat the Clock” matches to determine placement in a TLC match. This is a gimmick I love. This review might be a little more convoluted than normal, however. Let’s […]