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Patman Plays More And More Mario Kart 8 DLC.

Another fun weekend has come and gone, and I have had the opportunity in between family time to play more of the great DLC for Mario Kart 8. I wont go on about how fun it is, you already know all that. And, if you listened to the latest Wonderpod , you will hear about […]

Wonderpod Episode 141 (year end)

This week is the final Wonderpod of 2012. It appears there will be more next year. As the planet is still in one piece as of this writing. The crew has had a blast this year and the wrap up show puts a neat bow on everything. We would like to the thank the fine […]

Smackdown 12/18/12: Live, Commercial Free, Not in Canada. Dicks.

So the WWE thought it would be funny to make me work on a Tuesday. Bastards. Ha ha ha. You happy now, Vince? Jerk. Anyways, the last time we did this Halo 4 came out and a new president was elected. Something tells me that won’t happen tonight. But what did happen TODAY was that […]

Smackdown 12/14/12

Fucked up news week. Toronto monkey in a suit, Manny KO’d and lifeless for minutes, Bieber murder/castration plot, Syria, Egypt, Prank call gone horribly wrong… and sadly the mass shootings in an elementary school. šŸ™ I’m kind of dejected to say the least (and battling a headcold from last week, still). Maybe some Smackdown can […]

Smackdown 12/07/12

In honor of ThatDamnCC, this entire review will consist of one giant Youtube link to the RAW is War theme song. “Dribbel” for all! Well, maybe not so much. Our resident Kiwi is as bitter as I that the NHL can’t resolve this damn fucking lockout, he’s resumed to hating on Gretzky and denying Hull’s […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Smash Cops Heat.

Another day another FREE iOS pick from yours truly. This time I am playing a fun little racing/chasing/crashing game by the name of Smash Cops Heat. It is a very nice looking top down racing game where you drive around as a police carĀ Ā taking down wanted criminals before they escape. There are also levels where […]

Smackdown 11/30/12: I Liked This Episode. Yes, I Did.

Hopping time, you ready? Read between the lines.

Smackdown 11/23/12

Ahh… Black Friday Night Smackdown. There will be a ton of people not watching, even some that normally would. All six of them. So that just leaves me, the sole viewer of this program to review it for them. Yep.

Smackdown 11/16/12: Buyrates are important, I’m told.

With Survivor Series only days away, this would be the WWE’s last ditch effort to squeeze the buy rate juice out of it’s viewers… too bad many people have stopped watching Smackdown. Why you may ask? Perhaps because it has lately been a rehash of RAW matches from the previous Monday, or the same ones […]

Smackdown 11/06/12

Smackdown on Tuesday? Hmm… WWE are you sure you want to do this? You want to go up against the US Presidential Election? You want to go up against the drop day release of Halo 4, one of the most anticipated video games of 2012? Will I even finish this review on Tuesday? All questions […]