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Al Creed’s 8 Bits Presents: “8 Bits Poutine”!

Hungry? Is your character in a video game out of health points? This will fill any life meter up in any game. Why? Well, because poutine. That is all. Check out Al Creed’s 8 Bits home here His whole archive is here..

Smackdown 08/17/12: A Better Go Home Show Than RAW

It’s Summerslam weekend (well, close enough). We’ll be running down the Summerslam card on BWF Radio this Sunday with some special guests. I’m announcing no one yet, because it’s going to be huge… and awesome. Tune in to or on Sunday to check it out with plenty of time before the PPV. Pretty […]

Smackdown 06/01/12Smackdown 06/01/12Smackdown 06/01/12

Unlike last week, I am coming into this episode with a better attitude. Perhaps this is a result of a vastly improved RAW (well, at least by comparison) and a mildly entertaining live Impact on Thursday. I’m not sure why my mindset is linked to other grappling content I partake, but it is. Let’s see […]

Google Maps + NES = April Fool’s DayGoogle Maps + NES = April Fool’s DayGoogle Maps + NES = April Fool’s Day

You read that right. If you go to Google Maps, and click the right corner labelled “Quest” you can check out the world as you know it in 8-bit form. I don’t know if this is as much of a “prank” for April Fool’s Day, as much as it is just plain a fun twist […]