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Wonderpod Episode 295

Wonderpod is a daring duo again this week. We cover lots of fresh topics along with one from last week. It carried over to give it the proper discussion time. We also dropped some information concerning the podcast itself. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 193

We are back and sporting a brand new episode of Wonderpod. Well okay most of us were here last week. My silly ass has joined the crew again. Mostly gaming this week, thinking we might switch it up next week. Enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 179

Wonderpod is kind of like a pendulum at times. We swing back and forth from three hosts to two and back again. We will allow you to take a wild guess which lineup we are in for the episode. We got a great show for you this week, so give it a listen.

Wonderpod Episode 118

Another week another Wonderpod. The usual suspects are back for episode 118. This weeks show is talk of video games, game consoles and a little vaudeville thrown in. Listening to this episode is an excellent way to end your week. Now if you’ll excuse the crew, the siren song of the Steam sale is calling.

Slapping EA Around One More Time

This morning while trawling the internet for podcast resources. I came upon the sales numbers for the first week of Battlefield 3. The game has sold five million copies and shipped 10 million total. That is a pretty damn good amount for any video game in any time period. The problem is, it won’t matter […]

Attention Lemmings: Apple Needs Your Money

This morning while doing paperwork, I tuned into the Apple rally to see if they were in fact unleashing the iphone 5 on the world. I had a twenty dollar bet going with an apple head buddy of mine on it. I was convinced from the start that it would be another 4 with minor […]

RPG of the Year – 2004

You think last year was a big year? Ha ha ha! This year, there are 49 games! Madness! Let’s do this thang!

Wonderpod Episode 61

Wonderpod is still alive and kicking. This week we see the triumphant return of PatMan. We even had a party for him before the show. We never let you guys listen to that part. Oops, I don’t think I was supposed to say that. Oh well, we got another great show for you this week. […]

Wonderpod Episode 58

Well hello there, did you miss us? That’s right Wonderpod is back and slightly better than two weeks ago. We had another episode 50 moment and well shit happens. We think we got the problem sorted for good this time. So we gathered last night and talked about video games. I was very tired during […]