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B and K In: The Forest

This was going to be another second look video. Like the one I did on ArcheAge. What it turned into was five lame jokes and some death. There might be a proper second look coming later. Enjoy the video guys!

Wonderpod Episode 189

It is time for the first Wonderpod of 2014. First show of the year and we are all over the place. If you like our more schizophrenic episodes, the this weeks show is for you. We never plan them this way and trust me if we could we would. Give it a listen and tell […]

Wonderpod Episode 172

Wonderpod is back to a full boat. Okay so the boat might be taking on titanic amounts of water, but all three voices are back together. The show was more gaming this week, but I get a feeling movies may be on our mind next week. Tune in now and then to find out.

Silent Hill Downpour E3

I have been a casual fan of the Silent Hill series.  The video your about to watch is interesting and it seems like an interesting game.  It appears that you can play Downpour and enjoy it without having to play all the previous titles in the franchise. I am reading that it is scheduled for […]

Semi-Annoyed Videogame Nerd 4 – Alpha Protocol